About being Gay

One of the best posts I have read! Legendary PEM 

Today is June 1, and I want to tell you about being gay.

Have I got your attention? Good.

Because what I want to tell you about being gay, is it's none of your business.

If a man falls in love with another man, it's none of your business.
If two women love each other, it's none of your business.

Because Love is Love.

If a man likes to wear women's clothing, to feel complete, it's none of your business. And vice versa. 
If a woman feels uncomfortable as a woman and feels more like a man - or a man feels more comfortable as a woman and wants to change his sex surgically, guess what? It's none of your business.

Because it is *their* life and they have the right to choose how to live it, in order for them to be whole and comfortable.

What IS our business?

To accept them and help them feel safe. Because they are ordinary people, a part of us. 

And what else is our business? 
Sexual predators, who prey on children. Like Malka Liefer who sexually abused young girls and violated them, and whom the same community that condemns homosexuality, protected. 

Rabbis who denounce homosexuality as an abomination and then use their position to rape and violate people who trust them and are dependent on them.

Self righteous, moralistic so-called religious and community icons like Haim Walder who abused young boys. (If that is not homosexual paedophilia, what is)?

People who interfere in other people's lives, judging them, as if they are the self-appointed guardians of society's morals because of their religious values and then break the sixth commandment, like the man who murdered Shira Blanki.

Nobody has the right to condemn another to live a life of torture, emotional unfulfillment, societal rejection and opprobium because it goes against the grain of how they believe things should be.

Do you know how many people have committed suicide because they were not accepted for being who they are? For them, it is not a choice, is is who they are. 

And everyone has the right to feel comfortable with who they are, whole in their identity and to feel fulfilled sexually and emotionally.

Because life doesn't fit into a box, and people are different. Let them be different. 

I am straight, but I am an ally.

Because everyone deserves to be happy and whole.

May this month bring more tolerance and understanding.

Because Love IS Love. 


Written by my good friend Paul Mirbach - and I echo his words ! 

Onwards and upwards