9 ways the internet has changed our lives

Technology and in particular the internet has changed so much but it's had a huge impact on the modern workplace. Not only has it made things more efficient but it's allowed people so much more freedom. 

Broadbandsearch.net summed it all up in a really detailed article on 9 ways the internet has changed our lives . Click here for the full article Click here for the article

3 of the BFO’s for me from the article were 

Digital is still underused 

“An interesting piece of research from the article 
87% of CEOs believe that providing digital resources they need will have a substantial impact on revenue - yet only 38% of companies are providing digital solutions”

Employees want to work remote - Employees allow it - but not many people are

Over 90% of employees would like to work from home and are more productive ..... 66% of companies allow this - yet only 16% of companies in the USA are fully remote

E’learning is the bomb

Employees come to work to get upskilled and continuous learning is key.

Companies who make use of e’learning have a significant positive impact on productivity and company success 

Click here for the full article Click here for the article

If you are interested in knowing more about e’learning- go to 

Richard Branson’s 5 hacks for success -

I was reading  a great blog by Richard Branson today where he was saying that there are no shortcut to the road to Success ......

 but who wants a shortcut when you are loving the journey?

It is said that Richard Branson has built the most successful brand  in the world. The key to building a brand, says Richard, is to build strong relationships and a positive reputation with your customers - one by one . Build know like and trust with them (klt)  - Make them advocates.

Richard Branson shares his 5 hacks to building a succesful brand below 

What - Create a useful product or service

Have a product or service that you believe in and are and are about - build something and do something that is bigger than yourself - 
you’ve gotta love what you do - the passion and caring will show. 

If you are doing it for the money 💰 only - It’s gonna be a tough gig! 

Running a company involves long hours and hard decisions; if you don’t have a better reason than money to keep going, your business will more than likely fail.

If you do something you truly care about, you will be in a much better position to find customers - who also believe in your cause, idea, vision or dream - connect with them, respect them - get them to trust you and they will keep coming back. 

How are you going to do what you do - KISS 

What’s you USP (unique Selling Proposition ) or PoD (point of Difference)

Find the 5 things that your costumer do not  like about their existing providers or what their pain points are - and work out how you can provide the “pill” to solve that pain.

Do your research, find a gap or an area ripe for innovation in your industry and position your business in a way that sets it apart. 

Keep it simple (KISS)


Have your clear core values - and share that with your Prospects - if your prospects do not share those values - you do not want them as customers!

People  buy from people - people buy from people that they know like and trust - if you have similar values ..... and you are able to build a relationship with them in an authentic way - happy days 

BSI and BBG’s pulse -  we help you build your generational legacy  -and abide by the values of TREAT

  • Team first
  • Respect
  • Energy and Passion
  • Adventurous and risk - playing outside the box
  • Trust 

At Virgin, Branson stands  for great customer service, good value and innovative alternatives to our competitors’ offerings. 

And they put action into their words -

So..... You’ve got to be authentic, live by your values and be a force for good - these are some traits that build trust.

Build your personal brand - SMILE

 “Use yourself, smile, act stupid and real” 

People  do business with people  People do business with people they know like and trust 

Build your brand - authentically - one person at a time”

Stand out from the crowd

What’s your way?  - share your soul

Embrace social media 

Find out where your customers are hanging out and own that space. 

Tools like LinkedIn , email marketing, Twitter , Insta and Facebook are amazing  ways to get your message out to a wide audience - and if you do this well - you can compete effectively with the gorillas .

It is a great way to engage with your prospects and customers and  start building relationships with them 

However, the rubber hits the road - when you take the prospect of the social media and bring them into your world. 

As you build your profile and your prospects can identify and relate with you - TRUST will grow and Prospects will start convert into customers .

Be sure to have a clear menu of products or services and a way for them to engage - so customers can easily convert into a sale - 

Research and Feedback from Social Media , Events and interactions with your prospects and customers is gold - 

Listen to your customers - your products , services and message will be more on point!! (Listen and silent have the same letters - Allen Pathmarajah) 

You will be able to use this research to hone your message and products and services to be more effective to give Customers what they want. 

If you give customers what they want , you will get what you want ! - Michael Sheargold , 10X

 Love what you do - have fun - enjoy 

If you genuinely love and believe in what you do, your ideal Prospects will be attracted to you - they will want to share your enthusiasm.

If you find your interest flagging, it’s time to make a change — move on, expand into new territories, anything that interests you. 

To find success, you need to be fully committed or your work will show it.

So, what is the difference between success and happy?

Sukkot is an agricultural festival that originally was considered a thanksgiving for the fruit harvest. 

Sukkot are hut-like structures that the Jews lived in during the 40 years of travel through the wilderness after the exodus from Egypt. As a temporary dwelling, the sukkah also represents the fact that all existence is fragile, and therefore Sukkot is a time to appreciate the shelter of our homes and our bodies.

Sukkot is Z’man Simchateinu - a time to be happy ! 

I guess why I like the picture of 2 men sitting on a park bench laughing and being happy  - is the way it encapulates  happiness as a feeling - without the need for the trappings of success.

So what is the difference between success and happiness?

People strive for success ....... should they strive for happiness? 

All to often you see people with financial success feeling unhappy, while people who are not “financially successful” are feeling happy.

Maybe Success is material.... and.... Happiness is a feeling? 

So after doing a little  googling .... this is what I found.....

Success does not create happiness, but happiness can create success. Think about people who seem to attract success. Not the ruthless competitors — but people you just naturally want to be around.

Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.

Success is having all the money in the world; happiness is having family and friends to spend it on.

Success is measurable; happiness is limitless.

Success is a fancy car; happiness is a joyous journey.

Success is working hard; happiness is loving the work.

Success is having everyone know your name; happiness is knowing everyone’s name.

Success is being right; happiness is being true.

Success is money in the bank; happiness can’t be deposited.

Success is private jets; happiness is flying high.

Success is never easy; happiness will never feel difficult.

Success is money; happiness is value.

Success is late hours; happiness is all day.

Success is second homes; happiness is always home.

Success is material things; happiness is in the materials.

Success is praise; happiness is never needing it.

Success is reaching the top; happiness has no ceiling.

Success is all the money in the world; happiness is needing none of it.

Success is doing what you love; happiness is loving what you do.

Success is envied; happiness is shared.

Success is measured in human terms; happiness is a  gift for those who live their lives well according to their core values.

Success is not a reflection of happiness, but rather, the other way around. Happiness is the ultimate measure of success. 

Here is a cool video that shares the happiness of Sukkot 

Marketing Strategies for Experts, Coaches and Consultants

Coaches, consultants and experts have so much to offer and can make such a positive impact  in the world........ BUT.....

Without customers or people to listen ....... your stories and insights are lost .....

There are countless Consultant, Coaches and Experts who are broke and never get paid.

How can you get people to listen and shave the opportunity to potentially buy from you?


And what is marketing ? 

Being able to connect with your targeted customer base..... nothing more ... nothing less 

There is no relationship between being good or even great and getting paid! 

It doesn't matter how good your product, service, or expertise is until somebody has bought it. 

Being "good" and creating value, just gets yourself to the table - 

You've got to connect to your ideal customers and build your klt with them!!

Get them to know you
Get them to like you
Get them to trust you

If you don't, not only will people never do business with you but you won't be able to serve them either -- and you will never have the kind of financial freedom that you want.

What's your VISION for your product or service  - what do you want your ideal customers saying about you?

What is the one marketing thing you can do to make that happen, to make more sales that will make you more money - that will enable you to make that impact that you are craving for? and by when?

Here’s a link to 76 marketing strategies that you might find useful - https://bsi.skillsoptimiser.com/BusinessHealth/

Just do it! Give it a go

Interviewed By Gretchen Rubin www.gretchenrubin.com 
Gretchen is a best selling author on habits and happiness with close to 3 million followers 

Just do it! 

Interview: Sarah Hurwitz

From 2009 to 2017, Sarah Hurwitz served as a White House speechwriter, first as a senior speechwriter for President Barack Obama and then as head speechwriter for First Lady Michelle Obama. She's the author of a new book, Here All Along: Finding Meaning, Spirituality, and a Deeper Connection to Life—in Judaism (After Finally Choosing to Look There).

I do love a long subtitle!

I was interested to hear what Sarah had to say about happiness.

Gretchen: What’s something you know now about happiness that you didn’t know when you were 18 years old?

Sarah: I’ve always been risk averse—I tend to focus on everything that could go wrong and way underestimate the upside of any decision. But as I grew older, I realized that I was totally miscalculating risk. 

For example, when I left the White House, I had this crazy idea that I wanted to write a book about Judaism. I had grown up without much Jewish background and had started learning about Judaism while I was in the White House. I was blown away by what I found and wanted to share it with others. 

But my risk-hating brain was terrified of this idea: Who was I to write a book like this? I’m not a rabbi—I’m not qualified! And what if it turns out terribly? And what if no one reads it?

But by framing things this way, I was only thinking about the risk of writing this book…and I wasn’t considering the risk of not writing it. I really wanted to write this book—

Judaism has so many insights that I wanted to share about how to be a good person, lead a meaningful life, and find spiritual connection. And when I finally considered the risks of not writing it, I realized they were pretty serious: deep regret, frustration, misalignment with my truest self. 

So I took the plunge and wrote the book. And while it was tremendously challenging, I felt a great deal of joy and purpose in doing it, and I never had a single moment of regret. Again and again in my life, when I’ve recalculated risk that way—taking into account the risk of not taking risks—I’ve made decisions that have led me to happiness.

You’ve spent a lot of time studying and writing about Judaism. What has surprised or intrigued you—or your readers—most?

People often think of ancient religions like Judaism as conservative and reactionary…but it turns out that Judaism offers plenty of wisdom that’s both quite radical and wildly countercultural. Just consider the foundational Jewish idea that we’re all created in the image of God, which Judaism understands to mean that we’re each of infinite worth and we’re all totally equal to each other. 

You don’t have to believe in any kind of God to see the power of that idea. And if you don’t think it’s radical and countercultural, ask yourself why you didn’t stop to help that person on the street who asked you for money. If that person had been a celebrity or CEO, I’m guessing you probably would have stopped. In other words, if we really internalized and acted upon this in-the-image idea, our world would look very different.

Another example is Shabbat (the Jewish sabbath), which involves taking a day of rest each week. Jews who observe Shabbat often refrain from working; spending money; using their phones, computers, and TV; and much more. And they spend time in prayer, and with their families and communities, being fully present with loved ones. 

In a way, Shabbat can be understood as a weekly protest against the consumerism, materialism, and workaholism of the modern world – all those voices that say, “You’re not enough, you don’t have enough—you need to work more, spend more, improve yourself, and do a better job of curating your life for others’ consumption on social media.”

Those who observe Shabbat are, at least for one day, choosing to tune out those voices and focus on the things that really matter. I think it’s awesome.

Is there a common misperception or incorrect assumption about Judaism that you’d like to correct?

I used to assume that Judaism says that God is essentially a man in the sky who rewards and punishes us as we deserve, and if you don’t buy that, then you’re an atheist. 

But actually, Jewish theology is incredibly diverse and offers all kinds of sophisticated thinking about God—some of which really resonates with me. 

There are Jewish thinkers who have argued that God is everything and we are all interconnected, all one.  Or that God is the process by which all living things become their highest, truest forms—the process by which we become more ethical, authentic people. 

Or that God is what arises in moments of deep connection between two people—that when we encounter another person in their fullest humanity, we’re encountering God. And there are plenty of other Jewish God conceptions as well.

It turns out that Judaism is a vast, deep, millennia-old tradition that encourages questioning, debating, and thinking for ourselves (and maybe you’ve heard the old joke: two Jews, three opinions). This approach is one of the many things that I love about Judaism.

What leaders need to do to deal with today’s furious pace of change

Interesting Insite on agile by Rowdy McLean - 

The pace of change in the modern business landscape is quite phenomenal. 

As a consequence Leadership requires the ability to come up with flexible solutions to problems and opportunities fast, really fast, and organisations and teams need to be adaptable and agile.
Agile teams are the business tool of the future

Agile teams enable 

·     Efficient decision making that boosts production by saving time.

·     The collaboration which repeats the time-saving process — if all the people needed to build a house from start to finish are contained in one team; there will be a lot less delay during construction.

·     Agile workflow improves detection of issues, visibility to the consumer, encourages swift product evolution, and helps your firm do better all round.

Building an agile team

The focus of selecting your agile and flexible business team starts with your leadership. 

Devising the perfect team to tackle and solve recurring workloads or issues is going to be on your shoulders. So be careful that you have a spread of skills and talents, strengths and weaknesses, accountability and execution. 

be careful that you have a spread of skills and talents

To build your team:

·     Start by selecting optimum members of staff with necessary skills.

·     Then recruit specifically talented people to fill the gaps.

·    Look for self driven solution finders..

Team operation:

·     Set tasks focused on results, then monitor from afar to see how they progress. If necessary, you can then switch out members of the team for other colleagues.

·     Do not interfere with the process. Allow the team to arrive at the solution on their own. Monitor through feedback and performance.

·     Feedback with the team. Find out what works for them and what doesn't. Open streams of communication are essential for any project to flow. 

·     If further changes need to be made on the staff then make them. The right people are what will drive this agile team to success. Do not be afraid to move employees around if they do not fit well.

·    Set the pace, allow your team to self organize, and then watch the magic happen. This is the key to successful agile team creation.

 As long as your review feedback often and maintain the habit of changing where necessary, you should be able to create as many agile teams as your organization needs.

Maintaining control of agile and flexible teams

No alt text provided for this image

Successful leadership of an agile team focuses on letting the team lead themselves. Electing a Scrum master or coach will allow this to evolve naturally. Direction from external sources should be as minimal as possible. The less input you need to have in a leadership capacity, the better things will work for the team. 

The less input you need to have in a leadership capacity, the better things will work for the team

To this end, it is essential to offer guidance whenever it is needed. The reason agile teams are so popular in the modern era, is that they require minimal interruption once they are started. A few pointers on better performance and the outline of the workload is all you will need to maintain your agile and flexible team.

A well-assembled group will work harmoniously enough together that leadership isn't at the forefront for agile teams. More appropriate is the idea of feeding fuel into the team and watching it produce results. In this way you can keep control of your team with the minimum of input or correction. The right employees will respond well to this level of leadership, providing you with further clues for assembling teams .

About Rowdy McLean

Rowdy has delivered over 1000 presentations to over 400,000 people in 17 countries. He is known as “the go to speaker and facilitator on how to shift mindsets, raise the bar, embrace change and crack the code for extraordinary future success.”

Contact Rowdy email: rowdy@rowdymclean.com web: rowdymclean.com

The future is in the hands of the SME says Jack Ma

Jack Ma is about empowering SMEs and takes his inspiration from Forrest Gump 

“People make money catching shrimps not whales “ 

Through Alibaba he has created an EWTO 

Ewtp - Electronic world trade platform for SMEs

Alibaba’s model is based on Leverage outsource everything build an Ecosystem - empower others to buy and sell - it’s about empowering SMEs. Enable every SME to become an Amazon. 

Leverage is the key 

Alibaba has empowered  the logistics companies to deliver 609m packages to 125 cities delivered within 12 hours - and its improving 

Alibaba is not a Tech company - it’s a Dara company .... 

They know whose buying and selling - they can use data by becoming a bank - based on ratings they  can determine - who deserves credit in seconds. 

Imagine  giving 5m businesses 5k within 3minutes - based on ratings of their sesame card.

Jack Ma on Alibaba’s Strategy 

Every 5 years strategy reviewed 

If the strategy is to solve a problem that will take 10Years - let’s do it - 1 year forget about it

What are the things need in the next 20 years ? 

2h - happiness and health - movies 🎥- is a solution - where the hero never dies :) 

Jack Ma on a trade war between USA and China 

When trade stops - war starts - trade promotes communication and x cultural exchange.

A Trade war will be a disaster  

Jack Ma’s future 

Jack wants to Teach philosophy and focus on the environment and doesn’t  want to die in office - he wants to die on the beaches! 

Jack Ma’s advice to Business owners and leaders 

A Tech revolution takes 50 years -

The 1st 20 years has been nailed by Facebook, google, amazon, alibaba, Microsoft and the lime 

The next 30 years will change the  world by those companies with  fewer than 30 employees - whose employees are under 30.

These are the companies that will make the world a better place 

Is Amazinco the start of another Ozzie Unicorn ?

Money Raised?

Amazingco has raised over $7m from “big name investors” including 

Aconex co-founders Leigh Jasper and Rob Phillpot , Rampersand, Artesian Capital and Macdoch Ventures,  AFL star Trent Cotchin and Lux Group's Adam Schwab 

Who is it?

Amazingco was founded in 2012 by husband and wife team Jeremy Cox and Silvia Hope and technical co-founder Nick Brozovic. The business started out as a children's entertainment business but pivoted into an entertainment business.

What is it 

Amazingco sells experiences - offering thousands of tailor-made experiences aimed at couples, families, friends and companies wanting to do something fun in their city.

They recruit and train locals to manage the experiences in each city , forming relationships with quality third-party providers such as Race Party, cheese shops, wine bars and restaurants.

Utilising data on people's interests to suggest activities for them, (similar to how Netflix gathers data on what shows a person watches to make recommendations) has brought digital efficiency and scale to an industry that previously has been paper and phone calls.

Augmented reality experiences, using people's phones are enhancing experiences is a passion of Jeremy Cox, who is keen to enhance the world around people with technology.

(IK comment) Noirin Mosley’s - Race Party - which provides Slot Car racing with augmented reality - is a Melbourne experience that can open up in every city that Anazingco opens in (just a thought!)

The Market

Melbourne and Sydney alone the market is worth about $2.7 billion each..... just a small percentage of the market will do!! 

Exportential Growth  

In the past six months, the company has expanded across 23 US cities such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. By early 2020 it will be in 50 cities globally, including Paris, Montreal and London.

Ozzie Innovators are on a role

Stories like this is only good for Australian entrepreneurs and innovators - who fight against the odds “by giving it a go” 

Melbourne and Sydney Have Both Been Named in the World's Top Three Most Liveable Cities

By Samantha Teague  SEPTEMBER 04, 2019

Melbourne and Sydney have come in 2nd and 3rd  behind Vienna as the 3 most livable cities in the world  The Economist Intelligence Unit's Global 2019 Liveability Index.

The index ranks 140 cities on stability, healthcare, education, infrastructure, culture and environment, giving each city a rating out of 100. 

Melbourne has retained its 98.4 score (the same as 2018), while Sydney has increased from 97.4 (and fifth place) to 98.1. 

Melbourne's score for culture and environment was one of the highest, 98.6, second only to Vancouver, which scored a perfect 100 in the category.

According to the EIU, Sydney's ranking had climbed thanks to its: "improvement in its culture and environment score, reflecting an increased focus on combating and mitigating the impacts of climate change." The report talks directly to the city's 'Sustainable Sydney 2030' strategy, which was announced earlier this year by the City of Sydney and outlines goals to make the city "green, global and connected".

See full report https://www.eiu.com/topic/liveability

Business is Personal

Wayne’s Post

As business owners we have many failings, however we have many successes even when we fail if we have treated our customers/clients right over the years. 

Recently I lost my brother unexpectedly and my Grand Mother, across 3 weeks.

During this time I have made mistakes and a client order was incorrectly processed, sent them double the order.

As a business owner I immediately said "I'll fix it" and that's what we as business owners should do every time when we make mistakes.

When my client heard 3rd party  what had happened they called said "no Wayne we will take the lot". I didn't agree they they should as for me it's not about money, sales it's about getting the job right.

So...I accepted their offer and spread their invoice over 3 months.

Emotion, Problem, Issue, Solution....


 .... as an SME ..... business IS personal ... and things that happen in your personal life - affect your performance in your business!!


 ..... your customers and people you deal with care about you .... and if you build strong relationships, are ethical in your dealings and show that you care ..... they will understand .... and support you through your journey! 

Below is a great story that happened  from a founding #bbgmember Wayne Brightman who recently lost his brother and Grandmother in the last 3 weeks 

#makingmistakes #customerservice

Congratulate Coaching for leaders for their 10 millionth download

“Leaders are made not born - nurture or nature”

Dave and Bonnie - Coaching for leaders podcast 

People congratulating “coaching for leaders” podcast - Dave and Bonnie - thanking for  10million  downloads in 8 years - and sharing their gems that they learnt from the podcast 

A gem 💎 “positive feedback is the fuel of champions!” - be sure to give this in abundance! 

Adrian - analyst to manager to vp - from managing 1 person to 40 

The gem 💎 Feedback, transparency - trust and the Power of movement - taking action and doing things consistently 

Steve - was inspired to do coaching for leaders academy focussing on taking “Action and teaching” - he formed a mastermind / circle ⭕️/ where leadership is being taught — which  is building a solid connected community - 

The gem 💎 consistency is key 

The gem 💎 Make it personal to you and take  action 

Our very own Bill Mclellan

the gem 💎 showing up every week -  finding that idea, thought or discussion - 

The gem 💎 the power of showing up and serving 

The gem 💎 Refer, serve  and share 

The gem 💎 from Dave - show up - even if it doesn’t feel great - the benefit is there - example go to a dentist and a gym - consistently  

The gem 💎 - even if you are struggling -act positive as a leader - it’s contagious and you will make a positive interest in a 10x way 

Daniel - North Carolina - teacher - awe - acronym  (what is it ? )

The gems  💎 Grow and be better prepared 

The gem 💎 Have Intentional conversations 

The gem 💎 Dave feels like an Archaeologist - dig in and be an evangelist of great ideas  - help someone  learn something each poscast  

Steve - San Antonio - 

The gem 💎 episode 44 - power of introverts - do what you do best / and communicate that to others . The podcast inspired Steve to Start his own bookkeeping firm from home - helping his clients collect and analyse data , proved insights and change lives 

Dave highlights a gem 💎 Showing up consistently is key - be mediocre until you are an expert - in midst of learning and mediocrity - lots happen

Isabel - strengthsfinder coach 

The gem 💎 - the importance of existing networks vs building new networks - stay connected - put energy into adding value to your networks - what you give you get - 10x  - the law of reciprocation

The gem 💎 Build better relationships and 

The gem 💎 “Invest in people in front of you”

Stephen -

The gem 💎 - episode 285 - how to write a killer LinkedIn profile - Just do it - help connecting with more of the right people - 

Needs to reflect mission purpose values 

Fine tune it over long period - 

The gem 💎 be consistent 

Margaret MacArthur - Melb - 

A gem 💎 especially  for a woman - interact in meeting - be the 2nd person who speaks - ensures you actively listen  to keynote or person answering a question - helps you be present and  listening - be part of the conversation and make a contribution 

The gem 💎- be grateful and thank others - David thanking Bonnie - it’s the little things that give the power of wow! 

Tory - Kenya - how to lead a team - country director and teach other in aid work - 

The gem 💎- Building relationships is key 

Some interesting podcasts