We had a Great BBG Gala Event with Dale Beaumont… who gave generously of his knowledge and time and shared with us  technologies hacks that can help you grow your business.

Technology is the bomb in business  - if you don’t embrace it you don’t survive. The speed of technology advancement has been doubling every 5 years… If you have not kept up to date in the last 5 years… you are so behind the 8 ball

As my mentor Allen Pathmarajah says…

When the rate of change on the outside is greater than inside the end is near

Many of these tools will be invaluable to SME Business Owners and Leaders… the key is for them to identify the ones that are applicable to you, download them and have a play.
Dale is one of the most successful business coaches in Australia, and has created the “Business Blueprint”, where people are coached on how to grow their business. He has created a Business Portal of 1000’s of videos to help you grow your business. (see ) (currently free) . Dale is successful because his whole focus and reason for being s to add value to people that engages with him.
SO without further ado… here it goes

1.         BIZVERSITY


This was not included , as we have not yet released this to market…. But you can download this very cool piece of technology
BSI  has created a business health check, with 75 strategies on how to grow your business .
It has 3 simple tools for you to get a clear understanding on where your business is
1.     The growth equation
2.     A cash flow calculation tool
3.     A breakeven analysis
Bizversity is a must have for peole who want a library of content to help them grow their business. ( I used snagit to create a little video about it… click the picture below

3. Placeit –

your images can load within other quality images - customising images with your product. This is a great way to promote your website on social media.
- Screenshot of website - promote on social media
- $1- $100  per image

4. Giphy image –

image that moves - extra increase in click thro rates - Giphy image


 infuses a link with a call to action – that navigate back to your site .
SO you can take any site, share it on a blog, and get them to click your link that is a call to action!!

6. Headline analyser 


photo , bio, link and call to action
You then rank in google search engine - mobile responsive
Watch this space with 
8. Referron!!! 
This will be gold!!!! Download referron, and upload your profile.  Enables you to refer and get referred within 3 taps of the phone. Also enables to send your business card and for your business card to be searched very easily.

9. Shakr

Making professional video ads within minutes

10. Google Sites

A good company intranet - wiki  - is key to upload anything that needs to be known or shared by your team . Put videos and your induction videos and manuals on google sites… and you can track who has opened them and whether the staff member has opened the email

11. Expertential

Project management software -  Was not mentioned – but an amazing task scheduler and enables repetitive tasks to be done efficiently and effectively in a fraction of the time… this is a precursor to have your business AI enabled
Save as template - simplify things  - others include - teamwork, , trelio, expertential
Cuts out back and forwards

12. My Recruitment Plus

On boarding and automated recruiting tool . Freemium model and will save you thousands in the recruiting process.

13, an intelligent crm/emarketing system is essential

Automated so much -
 Few emails and a couple of videos
 Know what customers are stuck in what process in the business
·       Activecampaign
·       Infusionsoft

Dale runs workshops on upskilling you on these CRMS

14. Snagit 

draft up stuff on video – I have been using this – its amazing… cutting and commenting on your screen and even taking a video on what you are doing in the screen… and recording your commentary… its fantastic . The app costs $350 (I bought it today) but will give massive value to you.

15. Dialpad –

turns mobile into landline - phone system on your mobile -
$30 per month per person - synch s tonoffice 365

16. Fiverr

Creating content and art and designs at a fraction of the cost but as professional

17. Remarketing

this is seriously a must have, and we will having a worldwide expert join us in April , sharing his knowledge re remarketing and Facebok hacks with us
·       3pc will buy on website first exposure - 50% on 5-12th
·       Set up Facebook or google  tracking pixel - when someone lands – this creates a cookie on persons computer -
·       Show his ads on Facebook - - marketing to people who reached your website – with great calls to action
·       This enables you to Follow up those people who are looking at your website

18. Check website speed –

 if more than 2 seconds to load - not good - and you will be knocked off front page of google -  google speed test critical 

 19. Answer the public –

what people are looking for searching for about your particular topic

66 most commonly answered questions


An ability to increase your referrals from your network 100 fold…. Watch this space!!!