Launch of the BBG Diversity and Inclusion Forum

There were some amazing takeouts from this #bbgforum 

Here are the chat notes

00:21:58 sarahkammigan: Happy Thursday everyone!
00:22:00 Belinda Kuroz: Karen Burgees - XR health - using new technology to help improve the disabled health and wellbeing
00:22:15 Victor Perton: Good to see you Karen Burgess
00:23:00 Emma Sidney - Sales and Marketing Integration: Good morning everyone
00:23:11 Suzanne.Manning: so sorry, technical difficulties. Good morning, excited to be here.
00:23:15 Judy Clark: Hey everyone.Excited to be here.Shane Phillips, met you a couple of years ago through NATSIC when I was consulting for them. Looking forward to hearing what you are up to these days.
00:23:31 Eric Tjoeng: Hi, Eric Tjoeng, Business Strategist, working with business owners to sustain, grow and exit their business successfully.
00:23:47 Hendrik Lourens: Hi Hendrik Lourens at Stratflow. Finding leverage points and enabling groups to deliver exceptional financial results. Rehumanisation of work.
00:24:23 Belinda Kuroz: Ivan Schwartz - points for purpose
00:24:30 Richard Brincat: Richard Brincat - Principal Consultant HR/OD Talent Helping businesses realise the true potential of their people.
00:24:53 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: Morning to all... as you might note from my obvious vintage I am of 'the traditional type' to be pretty passionate about diversity and inclusion matters, but what may not be obvious in the zoom platform is I also have a mobility issue so have been and continue to be active in other areas of diversity and inclusion beyond gender... At Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)  in a not too now recent (2018) piece of work regarding the improvement of "Diversity" in that org we identified 7 key elements for our focus...   see
00:32:35 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: Thank you Mark and Scott. I have goosebumps from the strength of your welcome.
00:32:55 Michael Betteridge: Powerful! Thank you Mark and Scott.
00:33:28 Martin Stark: Thank you so much my friends Mark and Scott
00:33:40 Doug Cronin on Gadigal Land: Thanks Mark and Scott. I am joining from the unceded lands of the Gadigal. Always Was, Always Will Be Aboriginal Land.
00:34:15 Victor Perton: Looking forward to Miriam
00:35:05 Victor Perton: "I think it's important to say yes to #diversity, to change, to the future, to #optimism, and to hope"

I really like the way Cate Blanchett expresses this in her promotional video for the Giorgio 
 "My Way" fragrance.
00:35:53 Craig Saphin: Hi Everyone,
I am Craig Saphin - I partner with small business owners to help them put in place the necessary pillars required for sustainable growth.
Author: Scaling New Heights
M: 0449 262 418
00:35:54 samanthawebster: Morning everyone - Samantha from Cat.a.lyst Consulting. My own HR and Diversity Consulting business. Passionate about equity, diversity inclusion and, above all else, Belonging :) Looking froward to the discussion today.
00:36:23 Ivan Kaye: smiling at strangers
00:36:59 Ivan Kaye: are you smiling
00:37:51 Judy Clark: People make me optimistic. We are a resilient lot
00:38:26 samanthawebster: finding common ground with strangers and those different to you. Be Curious!
00:38:38 Nicky Sloan: I believe most people are inherently good and that makes me optimistic.
00:39:01 Michelle: Good morning everyone, apologies I won't be very interactive but rest assured I'm listening in.  I'm Michelle and run Diversity Private Assistance which provides PA/Admin Support to time poor families and business owners
00:40:46 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: Diversity changes the conversation in community, business and within families.
00:40:49 Suzanne.Manning: I love be curious Samantha!
00:41:04 Eric Tjoeng: Diversity is like a healthy fresh salad!
00:41:43 Emma Sidney - Sales and Marketing Integration: Love that @Eric
00:42:00 Adrienne McLean: Love that the most important thing is to be interested in people, talk to strangers and have conversations! So beautiful !
00:42:02 samanthawebster: I have a fridge magnet that says - “Always assume your visitors are hungry and tired” - aka break bread with the world!
00:42:03 Linda Peach: Inclusion is about getting comfortable with the discomfort of diversity.
00:42:04 Judy Clark: I have always found a smile to be the best conversation starter
00:42:04 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: Thank you Victor. I love how you talk about diversity of thought rather than diversity of democraphics.
00:42:32 Jo Bangles: Hello, I’m Jo Bangles and I own and co facilitate an LGBTIQA+ inclusion program aimed at regional orgs, small business, corporate, schools and sporting clubs. I can be contacted at more info
00:42:46 Belinda Kuroz: Talk to strangers - keep a smile on your face
00:42:56 Ivan Kaye: start conversation - what’s the best thing in your day
00:43:04 Cassandra: Hi everyone, I'm Cassandra Parton, CEO of NextTech Learning. We partner with organisations and individuals to help them learn and grow through training in Information technology, professional and personal development. Looking forward to discussions today. 
00:43:17 Cassandra: E:
00:43:23 Cassandra: M: 0422022851
00:44:34 Ivan Kaye: Hi Jo!!
00:44:38 fiona: Walking and smiling and greeting other walkers - love it!
00:44:43 samanthawebster: Compassionate Leadership with a social generous conscious.
00:44:51 Martin Stark: I am optimistic that things can become better because the community supports others in the community
00:44:51 Emma Sidney - Sales and Marketing Integration: Many things make me optimistic - simple things like seeing a plant grow, to seeing my children, to seeing a business getting a great facelift through our work :)
00:45:06 Jennie Roberts: Wonderful :)
00:45:19 Emma Sidney - Sales and Marketing Integration: Emma Sidney - Digital Copywriting  and SEODC

Our vision is to inspire enhanced global business communication. 

We are the strategic partner that provides lucrative ideas and actions to engage and uplift our clients and fulfil their business goals. 
Book a chat with me here:
+61 429 33331 519
00:45:26 Adrienne McLean: What makes me optimistic is that people have so many interesting  things they do, I love speaking with people and finding out more!
00:45:29 Eric Tjoeng: Love it Victor!
00:45:35 Belinda Kuroz: Thanks Victor!
00:45:53 Adrienne McLean: Yes, thanks so much Victor!
00:46:17 samanthawebster: Love SF :)
00:46:49 Richard Brincat: Helping others see the opportunities in front of them
00:47:12 Victor Perton: Super, @richard brincat, optimism through “Helping others see the opportunities in front of them”
00:47:27 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: I'm optimistic because of the changes for good  I have seen over the years in various fora and that albeit not as much as it should be or as quick and stable as I would like it is happening, the conversations  are still happening and that is a good thing without the discourse there seems little likelihood of growth and changes in status quo where needed.
00:47:29 Belinda Kuroz: To educate all children in appropriate inclusive settings so they can become competent adults
00:47:36 samanthawebster: As a former high school teacher my experience sadly was chasing exam results and government funding not empowering students and harnessing their natural talents and differences.
00:49:10 Judy Clark: Inclusion is key to diversity
00:49:34 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: Do you know the values and beliefs in your organization that support or hinder a culture of diversity? I support leaders measure, monitor, and manage their culture consciously. You can connect with me via         Phone +61 439457240  or email:  or visit my website to download a free Culture Development Roadmap:
00:50:26 Kala Philip: That way we educate the children and instill human values, we shape the next generation of purposeful, inclusive and respectful citizens.
00:50:28 samanthawebster: Diversity is The Fact - Inclusion is The Act - what we Do makes people feel included not just having diversity as a focus.
00:50:46 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: Valuing diversity needs to be learnt!
00:51:35 Ivan Kaye: love this - Diversity is The Fact - Inclusion is The Act - what we Do makes people feel included not just having diversity as a focus.
00:52:41 Michael Coyle : Hi everyone, Michael Coyle here from Tabcorp. I lead workforce transformation projects, including inclusion and diversity for our TAB & Sky brands. I'm passionate about inclusion in sport, leveraging it to bring communities together and break down barriers.
00:53:03 Belinda Kuroz: “The most important day in our students lives is the day after graduation”
00:53:33 Kala Philip: Love it Miriam !
00:53:51 Ivan Kaye: love the 6th c = competence
00:54:11 Eric Tjoeng: Great insight Miriam
00:54:39 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: Why should we have Diversity Equality and Inclusion... it reflects a grand and rewarding and nurturing tapestry of life (or what it should be)
00:54:42 Ivan Kaye: love it when people connect
00:54:51 Victor Perton: connection as shane says….
00:54:57 Richard Brincat: Having a policy is one thing but D&I needs to be instilled as part of a businesses DNA. Every practice we put in place must have the D&I DNA embedded in it so it becomes mainstream within a business.
00:54:57 Judy Clark: Love that Shane. We are strangers today, but not tomorrow. That is the key to inclusion.
00:55:09 Emma Sidney - Sales and Marketing Integration: @Shane could you please put your greeting in the chat after your conversation? I’d like to share it.
00:55:16 samanthawebster: Thx Miriam I am sure Biden feels optimistic to those who care about inclusion :)
00:55:50 Victor Perton: Sam, Biden is a natural optimist - have struggled through tragedy and inspiring others
00:55:57 sarahkammigan: I grew up in Germany and the school system is absolutely inclusive for everyone, regardless of background or money. All have the same chances and all schools are free. Also, all school are co-ed, talking about diversity. It baffles me that the rest of the world still hasn’t caught up on it…
00:56:20 samanthawebster: Agree Victor- a real breath of fresh air but smart and caring too
00:56:25 Richard Brincat: Shane, was a real pleasure working with you putting together the Maritime Cadet program at Transport a few years back
00:56:53 Victor Perton: nice compliment, Richard.  Sweet words of optimism
00:57:31 Lynda Ben-Menashe: I'd love to connect with you @Mark Champley - your explanation of Welcome and Acknowledgement was invaluable and I'd like to share it if possible.
00:57:53 samanthawebster: Treaty and a voice that our Oz leaders are humble enough to listen to and learn from!
00:57:56 Kala Philip: Deficits we are conditioned to - strengths we belong to.
00:58:37 Judy Clark: We are all grateful you are alive for this Shane. Love your strength and how you use your voice.
00:59:01 Noirin Mosley: thanks Ivan for pinging me into this great discussion! Having an informed, diverse and inclusive discussion like this is incredibly optimistic in itself... Great forum, great speakers - keep it going!! Great work BBG! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Š❤️
00:59:06 Victor Perton: “strength in difference”
00:59:15 Michael Betteridge: Kudos Uncle Shane - you bring MUCH hope to community and inspire many future leaders in Aboriginal communities.
00:59:41 Victor Perton: Nice compliment to Ivan, @noirin.  You two are interested in people!
00:59:51 Lynda Ben-Menashe: Clean Slate
00:59:54 Judy Clark: Clean slate
00:59:59 Cassandra: clean slate
00:59:59 Emma Sidney - Sales and Marketing Integration: Clean slate
01:00:03 samanthawebster: Clean Slate please
01:00:04 Melissa Saxby: clean slate
01:00:04 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: Clean Slate
01:00:06 Bec: Clean slate
01:00:14 Suzanne.Manning: Clean Slate
01:00:16 Adrienne McLean: What a powerful strategy to change from the conditioning to looking at strengths and empowerment
01:00:16 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: Thanks Shane for breaking the mold. Your people have had a traumatic time. The sad  part of our current situation is that all people are conditioned by their upbringing, the values of their parents, community and school. If this conditioning, even unconsciously, stereotypes people before the age of 12, it is difficult to free yourself from this conditioning.
01:00:32 Michael Betteridge:
01:00:43 Jo Bangles: Nyatne Shane
01:01:11 Jennie Roberts: Thanks Miriam and Shane
01:01:21 Noirin Mosley: πŸ‘πŸ‘❤️❤️❤️
01:01:49 Angela Webb: deadly Shane ✊🏾❤️πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
01:02:01 Victor Perton: What makes you optimistic?  Some thought-starters -
01:02:02 Angela Webb: Thanks brother Shane, always great to hear you speak! so important for our mob to have strong, connected leaders,
01:02:07 Emma Sidney - Sales and Marketing Integration: That was great Shane!
01:02:45 samanthawebster: Allies are critical for well being and finding a place that allows you to belong and be you!
01:02:56 fiona: Thank you Shane....your wisdom is wonderful!
01:03:21 Jeff Glazer: What makes me optimistic is that we have freedom, - especially in our minds. 

If we are "awake", there are endless opportunities for the world, for our local communities, and for ourselves. Where we look, there is goodness, kindness and beauty everywhere.

No matter how many problems, or the scale, as homo sapiens we are imbued with intelligence, creativity and abilities that allows to recognise and respond to challenges, as individuals, and as part of a collective.

And sometimes, we are (even) able to be prescient to anticipate ahead of time, and to adapt. 

Since we can choose how to respond, that is the endearing and most prodound reason to be optimistic.
01:03:31 Jennie Roberts: Does 'connecting
01:03:46 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: What has been the biggest challenge for you in advocating for diversity and inclusion?
01:04:25 Victor Perton: Diversity in diversity teams
01:04:33 samanthawebster: Breaking down deep seated biases - finding a way into the human heart by sharing lived experience stories
01:04:53 Jennie Roberts: through conversation assume that people are comfortable in doing that.  Some people have social anxiety or being social avoidant.  How do we engage diversity in communication and personality styles?
01:05:21 Richard Brincat: Convincing senior stakeholders of the benefits it brings and the return on investment. Then shifting the mindset to embedding it as part of doing business
01:05:24 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: Working with all to often  *narrow* views of  "Diversity"
01:06:19 Lynda Ben-Menashe: How to move from paying lipservice to D&I to actually implementing strategies and projects.
01:07:02 samanthawebster: Find the intersection of common experiences and build a culture around raising up those that are not as privileged as the loudest voice.
01:07:59 Belinda Kuroz: Talk to everybody and find their ‘why’ - we have to break down knowledge
01:08:40 Lynda Ben-Menashe: This is my question to all the panelists: How to move from paying lipservice to D&I to actually implementing strategies and projects?
01:08:56 samanthawebster: Build the business case so inclusion becomes a business imperative not just as a CSR initiative
01:10:24 samanthawebster: Metrics and anecdotal evidence helps cement the Why but showing people the How is critical to change
01:11:38 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @Samantha and all, diversity and inclusion is a requirement for a digital transformation and embedding it fully in a business. It is also needed for an environmental sustainability transformation. The reason is that for these transformations to be successful people have to collaborate across different people, disciplines and with community to achieve this.
01:11:49 Jennie Roberts: That is so true Victor - it can just be a different 'echo chamber'
01:12:19 samanthawebster: Bring the difference close so the perspectives becomes more aligned over time through awareness, empathy and allyship
01:12:38 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: Often the business case is there  but it needs presenting to the right ears...   so keep the matter on everyone's agenda...  In one org I worked in the Chairman of the Board  said for example after a small group chat …  "But surely this is just part of the organisational DNA?" and then 10+ years of discourse got a lot more traction...
01:12:38 Judy Clark: That is the problem, we like to be around people who think and look like us.
01:13:05 fiona: Learning to listen is a strategy in itself..
01:13:08 samanthawebster: @claudia totally agree. 19% more innovation when inclusion works
01:13:13 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @Victor, strong message. Separation between ideology and the lack of conversation between parties separates the nation.
01:13:15 Richard Brincat: You always keep an open mind so as to understand other views.
01:14:00 Jennie Roberts: What makes me optimistic is hearing from Victor and his respect for all diversity.
01:14:27 Hendrik Lourens: Great examples Victor.
01:14:45 TheAlpha Pursuit: I feel optimistic is that we each one of us can make a difference to someone's life. (If we want to :P)
01:14:54 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: I also like to remind  some places that accessible toilets should not be left locked !
01:14:56 Bec: What makes me optimistic is taking on time to be grateful for what we have and the opportunity we have to make a change for the better
01:15:17 Michael Betteridge: What makes me optimistic? My teenage daughters' intelligence, creativity and innate sense of social justice makes me optimistic. They are fierce and uncompromising on what is fair and equitable. Underestimate young people at your peril!
01:15:26 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: I am optimistic about D&I because our kids are starting to think differently and we are more open to talk about it today than every before. The Awareness is here, in many businesses there is the Desire to change.
01:15:37 Suzanne.Manning: I am optimistic knowing there are people in the world like you all, who want to make a difference, one person at a time.
01:16:08 Noirin Mosley: agree Victor - to be truly inclusive and optimistic - we need to really listen to each other. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸΌ❤️
01:16:31 miriam freedman: Optimism? When I sing I feel optimistic. I also
01:17:20 sarahkammigan: I believe the root in most evil is the lack of education. Growing access to education worldwide makes me optimistic for the future.
01:17:29 samanthawebster: Try and raise the topic of gender neutral bathrooms and you will see how deep rooted bias, ignorance and fear. However when you share the experiences fro the TGD community and their horrendous experiences trying to access a fundamental human need - going to the bathroom….Stories humanise and help people reach out to one another more
01:17:31 Ivan Kaye: purpose drops suicide rates - more important than them
01:17:35 Victor Perton: Miriam, music for optimism -
01:18:05 Doug Cronin on Gadigal Land: I feel optimistic that more young people are being true allies with First Nations people by giving up time and money to ensure First Nations’ voices are heard. We still have a long way to go as we continue to rely on the white saviour mentality but I see hope each time I attend Invasion Day rallies and other protests which focus on sovereignty and  human rights.
01:18:18 Craig Saphin: What makes me optimistic is the intelligence and general purpose of the overall population to contribute to and develop a fair and safe community.
01:18:34 samanthawebster: 48% attempted suicide in the TGD community - we have to do better with anyone that feels disconnected and that they don’t belong. Hope and Optimism does save lives for sure :)
01:18:37 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @ Shane. Without social justice we cannot appreciate nature. Without diversity we cannot have social justice.
01:18:47 Richard Brincat: shifting the discussion from a job to career path gives people purpose and optimism
01:18:54 Victor Perton: Optimistic by the “African American” Superband August Green is a celebration of the civil rights movement -
01:19:00 Craig Saphin: Question to the panel: do you think our community is becoming more or less tolerant and accepting of diversity?
01:19:05 Ivan Kaye: love this @sarah - I believe the root in most evil is the lack of education. Growing access to education worldwide makes me optimistic for the future.
01:19:09 Adrienne McLean: What makes me optimistic is that people who follow their passions can make so much positive impact on our world
01:19:41 Martin Stark: My friend Celia will be talking about her experience as a transgender non-binary person at a future forum. Her topic is from bathroom to boardroom.
01:19:45 Belinda Kuroz: Every individual has an important purpose
01:20:07 Glenn Johnston: the ripple effect within communities is very powerful
01:20:31 Linda Peach: I don't think diversity and inclusion means being open to everybody else's views or values.  I think there is a very real and urgent need for people to understand the difference between 'diversity of thought' and staying true to the values you hold about what makes the world a good place.  Doing diversity well is about acceptance and tolerance for different cultures and ways of doing things; it isn't about putting your moral values on hold to accommodate someone else's beliefs, particularly if those beliefs or values or attitudes perpetuate harm.  So here is my question to the group - where is the line drawn between being inclusive and staying true to our values?
01:20:35 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: It can be @Glenn especially if it goes across generations
01:21:19 Judy Clark: It is all lip service until you change the culture. This starts at the top.
01:21:19 samanthawebster: Safety (emotional, physical, psychological) is key to inclusive outcomes in life, work…
01:21:51 Craig Saphin: the yawning gap in the strategy process is a leadership issue
01:21:52 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @Judy. Agree. D&I is a culture transformation.
01:21:54 Judy Clark: How many diverse boards to you see?
01:21:56 Emma Sidney - Sales and Marketing Integration: Australia is a vibrant, multicultural country. We are home to the world's oldest continuous cultures, as well as Australians who identify with more than 270 ancestries. Since 1945, almost seven million people have migrated to Australia. This rich, cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths. 

25.9 percent of the total population of Australia are english. Australia's ethnic diversity can be attributed to their history and location. The country's colonization from Europeans is a significant reason for the majority of its population being Caucasian.
01:22:06 Michael Coyle : Looking forward to hearing Celia's story @martin
01:22:24 nikki zapol: What makes me optimistic is a belief, a hope, that the majority of people, at least in the U.S., (and I believe in most other countries,)  would prefer to find a way to work together, however diverse we may be, to further the common good, rather than advance themselves at the expense of others, and ultimately, of all.
01:22:24 fiona: Systems thinking can help identify good strategy and well targeted solutions. In other words what is the specific problem that is impacting the success of diversity - as Miriam said, break it down from the whole elephant and identify the problems specific to an organisation and then develop strategy and solutions that can actually start to turn the dial and normalise diversity
01:23:19 samanthawebster: @judy sadly the top are be on board and the passionate foot soldiers are working hard - but the middle management is where the micro culture dominates and can determine whether you belong or not. Inclusion is a values and cultural fabric of every organisation - and family unit for that matter.
01:24:27 Emma Sidney - Sales and Marketing Integration: There’s an interesting dichotomy here - at one level I want to say everyone who is here is by nature Australian, at another I want to acknowledge all the cultures for their own unique qualities. Then I also feel the push-pull of our indigenous peoples who were here first and how to acknowledge that.
01:24:31 Noirin Mosley: love this! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸΌ
01:24:58 TheAlpha Pursuit: love that @victor
01:25:17 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @Judy. Not many. They are mainly in organisations dealing with multicultural services.
01:25:34 Noirin Mosley: have to go to a meeting! great to listen - thanks Ivan and all!  πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ
01:25:44 Judy Clark: @Samantha. Yes. I agree. But if the board is diverse, they will ensure the CEO embraces diversity. A CEO who embraces diversity will create a team of effective divers leaders. Diversity needs to be part of policy.
01:25:51 Denise Archie: How many boards do you know are truly diverse and inclusive?
01:26:45 Judy Clark: That’s it @Denise. Diversity starts at the top and is intentional.
01:26:48 Linda Peach: Denise Archie - none.  
01:26:48 samanthawebster: Always acknowledge country and celebrate culture closest to us in Oz. Why do we still buy italian herbs or middle eastern spices when we have the best most amazing tucker in Oz?  understanding, vulnerability and bravery  to ask to know more
01:26:54 Denise Archie: How diverse and inclusive is your management team?
01:27:37 Victor Perton: check in - are you smiling and looking interested in the people here?
01:27:54 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: In the ICT space I work in  Diversity is often  'hard wired' (in terms of at least geographic /cultural diversity)  into Board structure...
01:27:58 Denise Archie: Catching doing great!
01:28:08 sarahkammigan: @Victor, easier said than done if you are typing! ;)
01:28:10 Doug Cronin on Gadigal Land: That is great Shane. You raise an important point that too often D&I initiatives are tokenistic focussed on profit. It is not about community but that is where the focus needs to be
01:28:16 Victor Perton: “Catching them doing the right thing” - brilliant insight from Miriam.
01:28:47 Linda Peach: So who determines what the 'right thing' looks like?
01:29:11 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @Denise, recruitment practices show the following: When gender is hidden there is no differentiation between candidates. Someone with a foreign name has less chances to get to an interview. someone with an accent has less chance of getting the job. The irony is that HR looks after D&I and recruitment.
01:29:17 Judy Clark: Interesting. When I worked in Sydney, I intentionally approached people when I saw them doing something right, helping someone and thanked them. It is amazing how positive the reactions of not just the people you thanked but those around them.
01:29:17 Emma Sidney - Sales and Marketing Integration: Anyone who sees someone helping others is catching them ‘doing the right thing’
01:29:24 samanthawebster: We treat our dogs when they are such a good dog - small little things. Positive reinforcement works - well it does for my puppy anyway :)
01:29:34 Emma Sidney - Sales and Marketing Integration: Love that Judy
01:29:36 Ivan Kaye:
01:30:28 samanthawebster: @Denise don’t get me started on recruitment. This is my passion and how we need to build a new paradigm of sourcing, selecting and developing diverse and different talent.
01:30:50 Linda Peach: Nobody does it well yet.
01:30:50 Judy Clark: By insisting on a common meaning of inclusion, are we then not being inclusive of other peoples ideas on what inclusion means? Just putting that out there.
01:31:57 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @Victor, I love that we should not make D&I a checklist.
01:32:05 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: I don't need that extra self assurance  but thanks
01:32:11 Linda Peach: Lack of diversity and inclusion is about inequality.  This is a term I haven't heard yet this morning.  It is very difficult to be optimistic about the future if you are a member of a disadvantaged or unequal group.  So before we can do diversity and inclusion well, we need to both understand and deal with the problems of inequality.
01:32:19 samanthawebster: Question - what is the different between tolerance, acceptance and inclusion? They are used intersectionally yet I feel they are quite different.
01:32:24 Richard Brincat: The recruitment process is a problem for many businesses. Biases need to be identified and removed to ensure you get the best person for the job
01:32:28 Ivan Kaye: @sam - would love to explore ways we can fix this broken model @Denise don’t get me started on recruitment. This is my passion and how we need to build a new paradigm of sourcing, selecting and developing diverse and different talent.
01:32:50 Glenn Johnston: DI&E should not be a checklist otherwise token efforts get rewarded
01:33:15 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @Ivan. D&I and recruitment are both undertaken by HR.
01:33:18 Linda Peach: Glenn Johnston - agreed.
01:33:22 Denise Archie: change begins with …………………..
01:33:37 Nicky Sloan: I am saying it - (not shouting it because my daughter is in bed). But I'm sorry I don't have NBN so if I put my video on you all freeze and I lose the fabulous discussion :(
01:33:43 Linda Peach: Changing ourselves can't change the system.  This issue is about systemic disadvantage.
01:33:44 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: change begins with... each of us and whoever we are talking to
01:33:55 samanthawebster: @ivan I have made this my focus for the past 20 years but last 3 years in particular. let’s chat sometime :)
01:33:56 Jeff Glazer: What will give an organisation a 'tick' on D&I?

A measure of how respectful people are towards others.

(When people feel resepcted, and equally show authentic respect for others, then D&I will take care of itself.
01:34:03 Linda Peach: "Changing ourselves" is a neoliberal concept that makes the individual responsible for all of their outcomes.
01:34:40 Ivan Kaye: tolerance - whew - I am so bad at that
01:34:44 Glenn Johnston: @jeff Agree!
01:35:04 samanthawebster: Let’s get rid of “Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen” and replace with “Good Morning Everyone” - this breaks down all gender binary assumptions and just opens up the welcome.
01:35:18 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: I like that approach @Shane!!!
01:35:33 Ivan Kaye: i like to be seen to feel that I feel appreciated - that I have made a difference
01:35:39 Linda Peach: Acceptance is a better word than tolerance.  Appreciation is good.
01:35:52 Victor Perton: Linda, what is neoliberalism?  I have never met anyone who calls themselves a neoliberal.  It’s a straw-person - it’s used as an insult…
01:35:56 Doug Cronin on Gadigal Land: I agree Linda. We need to focus more on the institution of why barriers are there and how to overcome them
01:36:07 samanthawebster: Tolerance - “Putting up with”; Acceptance “is passive” - Inclusion “is something you do!”
01:36:17 Victor Perton: Doug and Linda, Gandhi was a neoliberal too?
01:36:21 Linda Peach: Let's get rid of "hi guys" and replace it with "hi everyone" or folks, or people...  
01:36:27 Ivan Kaye: shane - failing is ok
01:36:38 Linda Peach: I wouldn't like to label Gandhi\
01:36:51 samanthawebster: @linda agree ‘GUYS’ - ditch please now!
01:37:09 Linda Peach: Neoliberalism created our current lack of systemic change.
01:37:18 Judy Clark: We all fail. Why does it matter more when the person looks different? Why do we not accept failure as normal for all.
01:37:30 Doug Cronin on Gadigal Land: I don’t think Ghandi would either
01:38:37 Michelle: Thank you for such a wonderful conversation everyone, apologies for having to duck out early.
01:58:31 Nicky Sloan: Thank you for that. So enjoyed the small group discussion
01:58:50 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: Yes good break out session
02:00:15 Victor Perton: Love Cassandra’s insights into the value of smiling
02:00:18 Linda Peach: Adrienne - yes talking about diversity helps with awareness and understanding.  And its effectiveness depends on the messages that the conversation is centred on.  So are we imposing a white culture view on the conversation?  
02:00:18 samanthawebster: Being an extrovert helps the it comes smiling with strangers :)
02:00:33 Belinda Kuroz: Mark - Shanes point of connection impacting peoples mental health
02:01:29 Suzanne.Manning: Ivan, can we get copies of these chats as well, some amazing things!
02:01:34 Belinda Kuroz: Judy - everybody in this forum is here because we believe there’s real change that needs to be made, how do we have conversations with the people who don’t feel the same?
02:01:43 Victor Perton: Spike’s poem would be great shared!
02:01:48 Ivan Kaye: Cass - how do we have conversations with people with just tick and flick - mentality as opposed to feel and passion
02:01:54 Suzanne.Manning: Thank you Cass, great job!
02:02:34 Linda Peach: Belinda Kuroz - they work in your organisations.  How often do D&I initiatives talk to the people who aren't on board with it?
02:02:35 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @Suzanne. You can save the chat before leaving the meeting. Click on the three dots on the right of the text box to save the chat.
02:02:55 Victor Perton: great insight, Kala.  OK not to agree!
02:03:03 Suzanne.Manning: got it thank you Ivan.
02:03:09 Belinda Kuroz: Its okay not to be in agreement with someones perspective - don’t need to change values
02:03:51 samanthawebster: Ok to not agree but when at work, company values have to hold people accountable when it comes to behaviour towards others - passive or active. Stay true to the values and the differences will remain respectful and not contentious.
02:03:55 Emma Sidney - Sales and Marketing Integration: Proactively meet someone different to you … love it
02:03:58 Belinda Kuroz: proactively trying to meet someone different from you - once you know their story it changes your perspective of an entire community
02:04:27 Belinda Kuroz: refrain from ticking boxes - do something different
02:04:32 samanthawebster: Policy comes alive when put into meaningful and authentic action
02:04:34 Linda Peach: @samanthawebster - yes!
02:04:42 sarahkammigan: Yes, trying to have a conversation with a racist or homophobe, without judging and trying to understand where they come from is super challenging but needed!
02:05:18 Linda Peach: @sarahkammigan - I'd be interested to hear how that goes.  
02:06:28 Belinda Kuroz: Be comfortable to have difficult conversations
02:07:15 samanthawebster: @lindapeach @sarahkammigan I’d love to share my experiences re dealing with homophobic comments and how to overcome the sentiment and focus more on the impact and lived experience -
02:08:54 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: effective and influential conversation is key but smiling entering and more importantly exiting a discourse  seems pretty darn essential to me ;-)   that often means agreeing to disagree (at least at this stage)  as one closes out a chat...
02:09:11 Linda Peach: @samanthawebster - I spend a large part of my life dealing with MRAs; my experience is that where there is no willingness to engage in change, there is unlikely to be any useful outcome to a conversation with them.  
02:09:17 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @Belinda, @ Linda.  I find that the notion of 'difficult' conversations already places a barrier. I see it more as being comfortable to hearing other peoples perspectives and not having to convince them otherwise. If it is to hold people accountable it is about understanding their point of view before judgement. That can only come through sharing rather than telling.
02:09:51 Kala Philip: "Be the change you want to see in the world" - Gandhi
02:09:52 Linda Peach: @claudia perry-beltrame - yes, that's a good approach.
02:10:37 Belinda Kuroz: @Claudia- I like and agree with your perspective!
02:11:10 Linda Peach: A sexist statement?
02:11:12 samanthawebster: Allies are Key!
02:11:34 Judy Clark: If you don’t call out bad behaviour then you are part of the bad behaviour.
02:12:24 Nicky Sloan: The behaviour youu walk past is the behaviour you condone
02:12:59 Ivan Kaye: inclusive - is to open for people who do not have same views…….
02:13:34 Ivan Kaye: by listening to people who all agree with you … just takes you to a very narrow view… what do you think?
02:13:46 Adrienne McLean: ON the board I’m on, Diversity on the board is a priority.
02:13:52 Craig Saphin: D&I needs to be defined in an organisation and part of the values and culture.
02:14:30 samanthawebster: Recruitment with a diverse lens slows the process down. Important to hold the internal and external recruiters to account re selecting the plethora of diverse workforces? Challenge hiring manager to embrace the diverse recruitment process and not insist on ‘5 of the same’ for my team
02:14:46 Emma Sidney - Sales and Marketing Integration: My group hasn’t had a round up
02:14:48 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @Nicky. I agree. It then needs courage to alert people to their behaviour.
02:15:13 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: several groups have not
02:15:13 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @Go Emma!
02:15:33 sarahkammigan: Hilarious.
02:15:50 Ivan Kaye: make sure its meaningful
02:16:11 Denise Archie: thank you Emma
02:16:23 Belinda Kuroz: Keep it real and not just tokenistic
02:16:34 Richard Brincat: I would challenge D&I slows the recruitment process. D&I needs to be embedded not an extra step. My experience is you find a better quality candidate and greater retention
02:17:12 Belinda Kuroz: Some people may have different communication styles, its important to listen and take this into consideration
02:17:26 samanthawebster: @adrienne research says if there was more neuro-diverse board members in large global companies, the GFC would not have happened perhaps “Titanic and Iceberg” false confidence and narrow risk parameters. Fascinating reading…
02:17:55 Ivan Kaye: really listening - listen to understand and not to respond
02:18:59 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: My 5 take-aways: 1) Diversity is a diverse topic, 2) you don't have to  agree with the other person; 3) it starts with respect; 4) leadership is key; 5) smile @ strangers.
02:19:30 Judy Clark: @Claudia - well put
02:19:34 Denise Archie: Government has tick boxes that organisations have to report on regarding EEO etc. How can we influence change there?
02:19:56 Craig Saphin: @Claudia - nice summary thanks
02:20:06 Kala Philip: Love that Claudia
02:20:08 Denise Archie: How can we create agreements to disagree agreeably?
02:20:46 Richard Brincat: Governments are making D&I and social responsibility as a perquisite for being a preferred supplier
02:20:46 Linda Peach: @Denise Archie - make respectful communication the goal and teach people how to disagree respectfully.
02:21:13 Nicky Sloan: Terribly sorry all. I need to leave now. Thank you for including me in this wonderful event.
02:22:36 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: Well covered @Emma
02:22:43 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @Denise. The way Government approaches diversity reflects their values and beliefs. Their dominant value is bureaucracy and processes. So the tickbox is their preferred implementation method. While it initially leads to tokenistic D&I, eventually, the culture will change. This is what I call the unconscious approach.
02:22:45 Judy Clark: Thanks Denise.
02:23:00 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @Emma. Thanks, great summary.
02:25:09 Ivan Kaye: people caring - dont have same opinion - they should not have hate or dislike
02:25:42 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @Shane. Love empowerment of people.
02:27:35 Richard Brincat: Hi everyone, sorry have to leave for my next appointment. Thanks for all your insights
02:28:48 samanthawebster: My experience with my clients is - there is not enough understanding and adoption of reasonable adjustments’ during the selection process, to assist with minimising the barriers to meaningful and sustainable employment
02:32:57 samanthawebster: @shane I was involved with a new way of recruiting aboriginal job seekers for corporations committed to 50,000 jobs and RAP aspirations. Mentoring placed employees for 6 months ensured routine, continuity and longevity. Well done for using a different forum (boxing) to create purpose through routine :)
02:32:58 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: D&I and recruitment activities are coordinated by HR. From my experience, they don't connect the dots between the two from a systems perspective. They look at D&I in recruitment from a selection perspective. At this stage, many good candidates may already be excluded due to unconscious bias.
02:33:56 Judy Clark: I agree @Shane. Relationship is key. You do amazing things with Tribal Warrior.
02:34:03 samanthawebster: Old paradigm recruitment screens Out not In. Screening/Selecting In is what diverse selection looks like!
02:35:02 Linda Peach: So.... how do we deal with it when people are not on board with diversity & inclusion?  All the KPIs, policies, strategies, procedures are there; all the training is there and it's the best available.  And still there are a significant number of people who do not want to support diversity & inclusion.  What do we do about it?
02:35:02 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @Samantha. Well put.
02:35:30 sarahkammigan: Shane is frozen
02:35:50 samanthawebster: Build a culture of inclusion via policy, practice, leadership glued together by Ally behaviour
02:36:00 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: @Shayne is there a Sponsor package ready for distribution yet?
02:36:21 Judy Clark: How can we help @Shane?
02:36:31 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: I fos then  Yes Lady Northcott
02:36:32 Judy Clark: Lady Northcott
02:36:43 Cassandra: Lady Northcott 
02:37:01 Suzanne.Manning: Lady Northcott
02:37:28 samanthawebster: I am good at trimming a sail @shane if you need someone on the winch LOL
02:37:36 Craig Saphin: Lady Northcott
02:38:03 samanthawebster: Lady Northcott please
02:38:24 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: @Linda. Not everyone values D&I. That is just a fact. some influencers are: 1) Talent management and where people will work i.e. a business cannot recruit good candidates. 2) the business case for better business performance. 3) bad publicity impacts on leaders reputation.
02:39:23 Adrienne McLean: Thanks so much BBG and all the speakers - fabulous community insights! Need to go, very grateful to be apart of this session
02:39:49 Denise Archie: thank you Adrienne glad you found this insightful 
02:40:06 Claudia Perry-Beltrame: Thanks for a great forum. I have to go and prepare for another meeting.
02:40:12 Denise Archie: great Samantha will contact you later 
02:40:22 Linda Peach: @claudi perry-beltrame - agreed; we will never be in a position where everybody is on board - our recent experiences with Trump tell us that clearly.  But if we already have all of those things that you mentioned in place, how do we deal with it?  
02:42:15 Oanh Trinh: keen to see the recording as I missed a few talks :)
02:42:46 Emma Sidney - Sales and Marketing Integration: Thank you to all the speakers, great session.
02:42:49 sarahkammigan: Sarah Kammigan
In the year of giving back: I'm currently only working casually and have plenty of time on my hands until I find my new challenge in the workforce. Until then I would happily volunteer my time to any of your wonderful causes or businesses.
Many know me but I can assist with a range of things. Feel free to contact me
02:43:16 samanthawebster: @mirriam I have always found the American peeps friendly too - when I lived and travelled there
02:43:31 Judy Clark: Been great. Thanks everyone.
02:43:51 Suzanne.Manning: wonderful experience. thank you.
02:43:54 Jennie Roberts: Thank you
02:45:01 samanthawebster: ..strangers and smiling good. smiling assassins in the workplace are too prevalent unfortunately and are often promoted and empowered. #cultureshift #accountability
02:45:11 Jennie Roberts: Sorry I must leave - thank you so much.  Plan from optimism :)
02:45:14 Michael Betteridge: sorry all - I have to run ...
02:45:38 samanthawebster: try conducting a Privilege Test with any team and see what the results are
02:46:20 Cassandra: Really enjoyed todays forum and speakers. Thank you all. I have to run to another meeting. Thanks, Cass 
02:46:42 Emma Sidney - Sales and Marketing Integration: We are all energy and connection, more alike than different. We are all travelling the same world, so how can we share a joyful journey?
02:47:01 miriam freedman: Thank you for this fascinating day. I hope we keep the conversation going.
02:47:35 sarahkammigan: Yeah great work Denise, awesome energy!
02:49:08 Kala Philip: Thanks everyone.
02:49:14 Cheryl Langdon-Orr attending from Dharug land in NSW: Great session, appreciate every bodies time and look forward to future opportunities to join some or all of you again.   Thank you, bye for now...
02:49:26 Anna: thank you everyone for the contribution and Denise for great facilitation 
02:49:49 samanthawebster: Thank you for the invitation and compassionate discussion.
02:49:55 Denise Archie: thank you to everyone 
02:50:00 Denise Archie: have a wonderful day 
02:50:14 Neyhaa: thank you everyone for the discussion
02:50:24 Jeff Glazer: Thank you to all for an awesome event.
Well done to all involved
02:50:24 Victor Perton: Have a great day!