Be part of our Journey of Exploration into Diversity , Equity and Inclusion

Each month our  Yarning Circle hosts  a Forum, where we have a Panel Of Speakers, Followed by a #bbgthinktank and the “unpacking of the #bbgthinktank”

The purpose of the “YarningCircle” is to make a positive IMPACT  on our society through “learning, collaboration and growth.”

Our members are a diverse group that intersects all members of society, who have a common goal to connect, collaborate and contribute on a continuous basis to build a “cohesive community”  through collaboration, learning and growth.

To encourage the core value of an Organisation to focus on the important value of “Inclusion” (the Act) in the workplace, we have created the RAPID Awards.

The RAPID Awards (RAPID stands for Reconciliation Action Plan Inclusion and Diversity) is aimed at honouring employees for being Inclusive and living  the TREATS values
  • Team First
  • Respect
  • Energy and Enthusiasm  - being passionate about what they do
  • Attitude  and Adventurous - making a difference - going above and beyond 
  • Trust - which is a non negotiable in building a collaborative community 
  • Safety - making there fellow workers feel safe / so they can excel and explore 
For more information go to Rapid Awards

Our Journey to Now 

Launch of The Lady Northcott Campaign and the Rapid Awards

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Launch of the World Gay Boxing Championships at Luna Park 

26 June (postponed to August)

Martin Stark - Corporate Boxing - launch the drive for the first World Gay Boxing Championships


"Women Becoming a Centre of Influence in the Future of Work"

1 July

Below is a playlist of the panel , the Thinktanks and Takeouts of the Forum

Talent Acquisition - unconscious Bias and solutions to solve this “wicked problem”

June 2021 


 Craig Sounes, Peter M and Lee McQueen talking The unconscious Bias of Talent acquisition and how Data and AI can solve this “wicked problem”

Gender Inequality for Women in Government Organisations - Unconscious Bias in the workplace - and “Dress for Success” 

June 2021  

Kala and Denise host Anne-Marie, Leesa,  Fiona and Eleni who share their stories on gender inequality in the workplace - how they have survived and thrived and where to from here

Continuing the Conversation of LGBTQ in the Workplace and celebrating the launch of the World Gay Boxing Championships 

April 2021 

Martin, Sunita and Norman sharing their stories, challenges and strategies

From the Bathroom to the Boardroom 

March 2021

Martin, Sam, Celia and Phillippe sharing their stories

Launch of our Yarning Circle 

February 2021

Shane Phillips sharing his  story ,  Tribal Warrior and the opportunity of Lady Northcott  

And Victor Perton sharing his story of “Project Optimism”

Chat from the forum 

Conceptualising theYarning Circle 

October 2020

Ivan Schwartz and Ivan Kaye - so what is the yarning circle 

Ivan anad Shane Yarning about the Lady Northcott Opportunity  

Mark Champley - Yarning about the potential impact of the Yarning Circle and its contribution to Tribal Warrior