10 insights from 7 world leading brands

Great insight from Michael Doyle 

Two stories to start with:-

1. Nokia refused Android

2. Yahoo refused Google

3. Kodak refused to go global

Lessons Learnt:-

1. Take risks.

2. Embrace changes.

3. If you refuse to change with time, you might perish.

Ivan’s comment :- a great piece of advice  that world leading  third generation VC, Tim Draper gave me when he was in Sydney afew months back ......

“Ivan, I would much rather invest a little in 10 companies that fail and see one home run  - than not have invested in any!!!! “ 

He went on to say 

“ before we would only invest in Silicon Valley - the world is now global and we will invest around the globe - innovation and opportunity happens everywhere - we and other VCs will be investing around the planet. If we don’t change we will die”

Ok two More stories:-

1. Facebook takes over WhatsApp and Instagram.

2. Flipkart takes over Myntra and Flipkart owned Myntra takes over jabong.

Lessons learnt:-

4. Become so powerful that your competitors become your allies.

5. Reach the top position and then eliminate the competition.

6. Keep innovating.

Two More stories:-

1. Colonel Sanders founded KFC at the age of 65.

2. Jack Ma, who couldn't get a job in KFC, founded Ali Baba.

Lessons learnt:-

7. Age is just a number

8. Only those who keep trying succeed

Last but not the least:-

1. Lamborghini was founded as result of revenge of a tractor owner who was insulted by Enzy Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari

Lessons learnt:-

9.  Never underestimate anyone, ever !!

10. Success is the best revenge.

In summary 

  • Just keep working hard !!
  • Invest your time wisely !!
  • Do what pleases you, or what you think is right !!
  • Don't be afraid to fail - failing is just a lesson and a necessary ingredient in learning and succeeding