Believe in what you do

Great post from Michael Doyle 

Two stories to start with:-

1. Nokia refused Android

2. Yahoo refused Google

Lessons Learnt:-

1. Take risks.

2. Embrace changes.

3. If you refuse to change with time, you might perish.

Ok two More stories:-

1. Facebook takes over WhatsApp and Instagram.

2. Flipkart takes over Myntra and Flipkart owned Myntra takes over jabong.

Lessons learnt:-

1. Become so powerful that your competitors become your allies.

2. Reach the top position and then eliminate the competition.

3. Keep innovating.

Two More stories:-

1. Colonel Sanders founded KFC at the age of 65.

2. Jack Ma, who couldn't get a job in KFC, founded Ali Baba.

Lessons learnt:-

1. Age is just a number

2. Only those who keep trying succeed

Last but not the least:-

1. Lamborghini was founded as result of revenge of a tractor owner who was insulted by Enzy Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari

Lessons learnt:-

1. Never underestimate anyone, ever !!

2. Success is the best revenge.

Just keep working hard !!

Invest your time wisely !!

Do what pleases you !!

Don't be afraid to fail !!

Email Marketing is a ne of the most powerful ways to launch an app

After spending months and even years creating your world changing new product that consumers or businesses can’t live without, You really want to get the word out.
Before you do, you MUST have an email marketing plan.
Currently, 66 percent of consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email, which beat out social and direct mail. As the most effective tool you’ll want in your promotion warehouse, developing an email strategy will be key. There’s more you can do than simply sending an email out to your subscribers to announce it’s here.
Pre-Launch: plan and create interest
You must begin by getting your audience as stoked as you are. Whether you reveal what’s coming or leave it a mystery, the advantage of letting your customers know that something is on its way allows you to build an audience who’s ready to buy. As you prime your audience to develop interest in your new product, here are four things to keep in mind pre-launch:
1. Plan an email promotion flow of events.
How often do you plan on emailing your subscribers and what will that content contain? Now’s the time to develop a strategy and add the necessary emails to your editorial calendar.
2. Highlight how you solve their problem.
Your product exists to help people with a specific problem. Whatever that may be, now’s a good time to get your audience thinking about that problem, and the solutions available to them.
3. Identify a clear and consistent call to action 
What action do you want your subscribers to take after reading your email? Are they signing up for exclusive product announcements? Should they spread the word on social? Do they have the option to pre-order? Stick to one to prevent confusion.
4. Integrate email with the rest of your promotion plan.
Make sure your messaging is consistent across all channels (website updates, social posts, blog posts, press release).
5. Pre-Launch promotion in action
To pique  curiosity, maybe leave the details a mystery and tied to a social campaign to build some hype.
Launch day: time to announce your product  Things to keep in mind:
1. Your email should focus exclusively on the product.
You don’t want to dilute your product announcement.
2. Focus on the benefits.
Lead with the major benefits customers will get out of it.
3. Offer an incentive to entice people to purchase.
Want them to sign up to your email list? Give them something in return. Want them to buy your new product? Give them an exclusive promo offer.
4. Start thinking about how you’ll continue the conversation.
What are some other ways you can keep your product top of mind?
Launching a product in action
In the email, inform subscribers and include a link to a landing page where one could purchase.
6. Continue the excitement: post-launch emails
Once your product is out the door, keep the conversation going by:
1. Share user testimonials in emails
2. Offer another discount/promo code.
3. Leverage content.
Use blog and social channels to keep your product top of mind.
4. Hook new business with a free offer.
Make sure that it connects to the new product you want to promote.
5. Send segmented emails.
Send only to those who didn’t click the CTA in your original promotion email.
So, if you have a new product in the works?
Now’s the time to start thinking about the ways to use email and your other communication channels to get the word out.

Malone gives up his blades and puts his hands into AI

NZ Olympic star , Liam Malone - is hanging up his blades and putting his hands in AI!

Malone, who purchased his blades through crowd funding, said he would not gave been able to run so fast were it not for his blades, and he believes this is only the start of this rapidly evolving technology.

"There's just been a really massive convergence of various technologies in the medical industry in the last five years, and it's really accelerating," he said

His message of tenacity, determination and resilience in the face of adversity is one he shares with his fans

"You need to work really, really hard to achieve your smart goals and if you fail, then that's totally fine. I think failure's a good thing in life, and I think you can learn a lot from it, and if things don't work out, don't feel trapped  - pivot and persevere with what you have - you have to keep doing things.”

Being in flow - RIding the Wave

great insite by Dr Jeff Spencer - Coach to world class athletes

The Best Day of Our Lives 

Every so often, it happens.

We have one of those days. Everything lines up just right. Our training, our planning, and our timing synchronizes perfectly and we realize what’s happening: 

we’re crushing it. 

If we’re athletes, we’re smashing our splits. If we’re in business, we’re closing deals. If we’re artists, the words, music, and images flow like water.

It’s the kind of day we live for.

The euphoria intoxicates us. We want more, because we know these days don’t come along often. With the best intentions, we do what we’ve been told we should do: we seize the day. We carpe diem. We push harder and go for more as quickly as possible, thinking we can compound the amazing sensations and send the day into the stratosphere.
We get greedy.

There’s a problem with greed. It clouds our judgment. It skews our point of view. This is true across the board in life, and it’s also true with our transcendent days. When we get greedy with these amazing moments, we run the risk of derailing them. We force things that don’t fit. We get ahead of ourselves. In the push to get more, we try too hard. We throw our timing off, and before we know it, elation turns to frustration.

We lose the flow and the magic evaporates into thin air.

The solution 

Get out of our own way and savor these days. Not by pushing for more and going faster, but by slowing down and mining each moment in all its glory. Shower these days with praise and step into gratitude. Focus on the moment and it will expand. 

Look past the moment, and it might not be there when you look back.

This is a valuable lesson for champions in any walk of life: learn to let these peak moments unfold organically. The next time one comes along, you’ll know exactly what to do. You’ll be confident you can get the most out of a great set of circumstances, because you’ve done it before.

You’ll see the swell on the horizon. You’ll relax. You’ll feel the energy run through you. You’ll put in exactly the right effort at exactly the right time, and you’ll ride that wave all the way home.

4 Ways to feel great!

Some thoughts for 2018 from James Aspey -vegan animal rights activist and caring human 

1. Have an attitude of gratitude 

Think of all the positive things you should be grateful for.... Make the majority of thoughts be ones of gratefulness. 
From the planet to family to being where you are now , people around you, teachers mentors parents siblings,  team members .... 
  • Be grateful for being able to communicate , to contribute, to collaborate, to share, to learn 
  • Be grateful for your values , for your situation, for your ability to improve and grow. 
  • Be grateful for your health, the ability to love and be loved.... 
  • Be grateful for the ability to influence and be influenced, the ability to lead or follow a leader 
  • Be grateful for being in this amazing country we call home - with the freedoms and opportunities it gives us 
  • Be grateful for being on this planet at this time of existence Be grateful for being able to nurture memories of loved ones still here and those who have passed, 
  • Be grateful the ability of choice 
  • Be grateful for the abundance that exists.

2. Own who you are - know yourself 

  • Don’t be what others want you to be - unless it suits you to do so.  
  • Be straight up and truthful of who you are - people will love you for it . 
  • Those people who are going to love you will love you know matter who you are . 
  • If you are acting to be liked - you will create this connection based on a lie . 
  • You can still aspire and learn from and mould others based on your core values - be clear on what those are
  • If you don't have to lie - and you are in flow  with your real self - you will grow exponentially and radiate happiness and positive vibes to those around you . 
  • You are unique, you are special - shine bright and be yourself

3. Talk kindly to yourself 

  • Dont put yourself down - you hear from yourself the most - be nice to yourself and you will be nice to others. 
  • Talk to yourself with love and compassion - no need to be do hard on yourself . 
  • Be positive and kind and positive and kind things will come your way - it's the power of attraction . 
  • Make your mind be your friend - not your enemy . If you are harsh and negative - flip it - think of how cool you are or something that you have this unconscious competence of doing great things

4. Focus on something bigger than yourself . 

We are not always going to be happy or positive - and shit things will happen - you will try and fail - people won't like you - you won't get that job or promotion - but it's all part of the journey - make a difference to the planet. 

James Aspey is a Vegan - and his mission is to change people’s attitudes to how we look at animals .
How do we treat the most vulnerable beings on the planet? 
Worse than you would  treat your worst enemyhe says 
1.5 trillion lives each year are killed for food!!! 

What is your purpose? 

Do you feel isolated?

When I first started BSI, there were days when I didn’t speak to a single soul. I just sat at my desk building models and budgets - on how we could be a one stop shop for the entrepreneur..... working out ways to survive.  

My friends and people around me were not entrepreneurs - they didn’t understand the pressures, the challenges and everything else that I was  going through. 

“They just didn’t  get it." They were  just not interested in what I was doing! 

Can you relate? 

As the business grew, a team of supporters, mentors, advisers and people evolved - who augmented the team and helped build the business . 

There was no strategy around this - mostly good fortune , me thinks!!! 

Last week I caught up with Jen Harwood! She has written a book called the greatness principle where she talks about building your “advisory board of humans” . 

No one becomes great and stays great all by themselves .... and not all greats are great all the time .... they have strong teams to support their weaknesses. Those that have succeeded have built teams around them that have helped them achieve through the journey we call life!

So, one piece of advice I can give you for 2018......

Develop your circle  of humans who are interested in seeing you achieve your goals . 

You don’t have to go it alone. 

These Humans want to help you grow and support your business. They want to work with you and be there to bounce ideas off. 

Building this support system is a key foundation for the success of your business and for you personally! 

Why not join us as a guest at our next BBG forum? To see how we roll?  

It’s about helping you build a support group of people you know like and trust. Go to 

What causes Procrastination - and what are 9 ways to overcome it?

Most of us have experienced procrastination at some point. Putting something off right until the last minute. Or avoiding it entirely. Always choosing to do something easier, more comfortable or more pleasurable instead.

I will happily admit I procrastinated recently. Over making my first LinkedIn video. Being a tech dinosaur, I was convinced learning about video creation was going to be a massive pain. Plus I wasn’t sure if people even wanted video content. Leaving me to wonder if it would be the most effective way to add value to my LinkedIn Fam.

And then, of course, those other typically human, and perfectly normal thoughts crept in. Which can be quickly summarised as “What if I mess it up?”

The problem with procrastination is twofold. 

Firstly, it destroys productivity. Widening the gap between us, our goals and our dreams. 

Secondly, it plays havoc with our psychology. With a gremlin-like creature setting up camp at the back of our minds. Telling us to put things off. And then making us feel really bad when we do. Leading us to feel even more stressed, demotivated or useless than we were already.

So, what causes us to procrastinate in the first place? And what steps can we take to overcome procrastination in the future? 
Procrastination is a result of:
1)   Focusing on the pain of doing a task – not on the pleasure/purpose of completing it
2)   Believing we can’t do it – or don’t have the resources required to achieve it

If you want to put an end to your procrastination, first assess which one of the above (if not both) is true for you. Once you know what’s driving your procrastination, you can start to look at ways to overcome it.

Procrastination Beaters:
1)   Associate the task with something meaningful or purposeful 
For me to overcome my procrastination of creating the video, I had to remember the purpose of it. As with anything I do on LinkedIn, the purpose is always to add value. Several members of my LinkedIn Family had stated they preferred videos to articles. Because they could listen to them while driving etc.. Creating video content now had a meaningful purpose. And by focusing on the purpose (and not the pain), I was able to motivate myself to do it.
If you’re struggling with procrastination, align the task to something that is meaningful to you (e.g. contributing to the lives of loved ones, colleagues, the world etc.).
If you can’t find any meaning in what you’re doing - then maybe you need to reassess why and what you’re doing overall.
2)   Associate more pain with not doing the task than doing it
Think of the pain that will happen if you don’t do it. This could be anything from a poor performance review, or self-disappointment, to letting down your team or being nagged at by your loving spouse ("Seriously? The trash can is right there!").
This isn’t the best option (option 1 is much healthier and more sustainable), but if you’re looking for a quick fix, this can help.
I focused on the butt-kicking (and/or merciless teasing) I would get from my #LinkedInFamily if I didn’t post a video. That worked a treat!
3)    Stop dreaming too big 
Normally, I would never encourage anyone to stop dreaming big. But if procrastination is an issue, it could be because you’re overwhelmed by the size of the task in front of you.
Break down the task into smaller, more easily achievable steps. Focus on doing them one at a time, not thinking about the next one until the current one is finished. It might take some time to get them all done, but that’s better than not doing them at all.
4)    Find ways to make the process more enjoyable
Sometimes, I like to work in a café. Or with a fellow solopreneur. I might listen to music or a podcast while I'm typing away. And sometimes I will make myself an almond milk hot chocolate so I can catch up on admin enveloped in chocolatey bliss.
What could you do to add more pleasure to the task at hand?
5)    Clear your mind
 It’s not the task that causes us the pain. It’s our thoughts about the task that do. When we think “It’s so boring!” or “It’s too hard!” – we create pain in our minds. Clear your mind of those thoughts and the pain automatically disappears. Leaving you to complete the task like you would any other.
As my Dad gently teases, “Just stop thinking about it. Put your big kid pants on and do it.”
9 times out of 10, it’s much easier than we thought it was going to be anyway. 
6)   Reward Yourself 
Interesting fact. A perceived reward activates the same neurotransmitter pathways in the brain as cocaine.
If you want to stop procrastinating, make an agreement with yourself, “If you finish ‘x’ within ‘y’ time, you can have ‘z’.” It might help you to form a new habit!  
 7)   Focus on the pleasure of completing the task 
There’s something quite satisfying about crossing something off your to-do list. Or achieving something in general. Particularly if it’s something you’ve been putting off.
By focusing on the sense of achievement we will experience afterwards, or any other favourable outcomes, we can effectively increase our motivation levels.
 8)    Make yourself accountable to someone
One of the key reasons people come to me for coaching is because they want someone to be accountable to. They’ve had no success in motivating themselves and sticking to goals on their own. But having someone to hold them accountable, who can challenge them when they haven’t done their ‘homework’, is enough to keep them on the straight and narrow.
 9)   Upskill yourself
Self-belief is a certainty we have the right skills, network, experience and knowledge to achieve our goal. If we don’t feel ‘good enough’ or supported enough, fear of failure will creep in and paralyse us.
To increase your confidence, look at how you can develop your skills, and build relationships with people who can help you with your blind spots.
If procrastination is stopping you from following your dreams, the question isn’t what will it cost you if you do it. The question is, what will it cost you if you don’t?   

What other useful procrastination-fighting tips and tricks work for you? Please share below!

What’s the difference between a logo and a brand?

I get asked this question a lot and while, like most things, it's complicated, the easiest way to explain it is to look at what each will do for you.

Get your logo professionally designed and it will:

  1. 1. Put a professional face on your business (this cannot be underestimated when we live in a world where everything has been designed to attract the eye).
  2. 2. Set the tone for the business (playful, corporate, high tech etc).
  3. 3. Differentiate you from the competition.

A professionally designed brand will do all of the above with a couple of key additions:

  1. Tell prospects why they should care about you. The brand will give you a message to underscore the business. This message will help a good marketer/marketing dept coordinate all marketing initiatives and ensure every dollar spent pushes the business in a singular direction, avoiding the problem of 'marketing schizophrenia'.
  2. Provide a rallying call for staff by giving them an idea of what the business stands for, and a lens through which all customer interactions should be viewed. 

I'll make a couple of disclaimers at this point:

1. I refer to 'professionally designed' logos and brands. None of these advantages, for logos or brands, will be realised if the design work is amateurish.

2. Building the logo or brand is just the beginning. To fully realise the benefits you must be consistent and clever with your marketing going forward, and you must hold the line and resist the temptation to change things just because you're bored with what you have. Boredom isn't a good marketing reason for anything really - certainly not for a brand redesign.

So which should I get?

A brand. No question, it's an easy choice. A good logo will make you look professional, but it misses a gigantic opportunity. A good brand helps prospects understand what you stand for. What makes you unique. Why they should buy from you. A logo doesn't do this. A good brand is the single biggest competitive advantage you can have because your competitors can never match/copy it. 

Admittedly how damaging it is to go with a logo rather than a brand depends on how much marketing you do. If you never advertise you won't be giving the brand the oxygen it requires to grow and take on a life of its own. But if you have plans to be bigger than a one-man-band, then a brand should be what you strive for. It'll be more expensive, but if done well it'll pay for itself over and over again.

Top 10 companies and their valuations in 2068

Below is a chart of top 10 companies in 1967 and not in 2017. 
Who will be the top 10 companies in 2067?
What will their valuations be? 
What industries will they be in?

Property review for 2018

We have some holiday reading for you, this month we have updated research reports for Melbourne, Canberra, Geelong and Cairns. Links to each report and our property clock are below. As always, if you have any questions in regards to these, or any region in Australia please contact me.

Property Clock

Melbourne Overview

According to the latest ABS figures released earlier this week, Victoria has recorded its highest ever levels of Net Overseas Migration (NOM). Although we're seeing these strong population growth figures and favourable economic factors for Melbourne, affordability is a concern.

Click here to download our Melbourne Research Report

Canberra Overview

The indicators reflect there are both positives and negatives for the Canberra property market. Unemployment is the lowest it's been since 2008 at 3.3% and although the population growth rate is 1.7%, which is above the national rate, the dominant form of this growth has been natural increase (births) between 2010 to 2016. Half way through its growth cycle, there are other markets that demonstrate better value.

Click here to download our Canberra Research Report

Geelong Overview

The Geelong market continues its upward movement through this growth cycle. Do we still see value in this market? To find out click through to the report.

Click here to download our Geelong Research Report

Cairns Overview

The Cairns property market is definitely showing value and with unemployment at 5.9%, down from a high of 8.6% in 2016, this is a market to watch.

Click here to download our Cairns Research Report

If you have any questions in relation to these research reports or any other region in Australia, please feel free to contact me at any time.

It’s your attitude that will determine your altitude

My stomach was turning siting in the Uber on the way to Paramount Pictures and my friend (who looks like amazon goddess barbie sitting beside me in her long sequinned gown) turns to me and says “what’s wrong”, after I choked down a tear I mange to admit that “I feel like throwing up, I’m not dressed appropriately, I feel fat, I only had 30 minutes to get ready (so I painted over today’s face) and I feel like I don’t belong at this event”. After she tells me to shut the f@*k up she proceeds to give me a pep talk about channeling my inner Marilyn Monroe. I then gave myself a talking to about remembering that I am #unf@ckwithable and “what you think you become.”

So I emerged from that Uber like the confident girlboss that ‘I am’, radiating energy and spreading smiles till I hit the red carpet where we were ushered to pose for photos with the star of the movie. As the flashes went off and people called “over here” and clicked their fingers I realised that we were definitely not the prettiest, thinnest, richest or most famous ladies there but we were the most smiley, fun and positive women in the room and that is why they chose to make a scene around us and why the owner of the film festival asked for our names at the very end of the night and permission to use the images.

I don’t say any of this to brag or big myself up, I say this because it really made me realise that 

what you get in life isn’t about your image, your outfit, your money or your status... it’s about how you choose to show up and who you decide to be in that moment. 

Who are you going to choose to be to be today 

Aconex sells to Oracle for $1.6b

Leigh Jasper’s Aconex sells to oracle for $1.6b!!! 

It’s taken Leigh’s vision of a cloud based management solution for the construction industry back in 2000 17 years to become an overnight success! 

big win for Aussie tech! congrats @leighjasper & @rphillpot - Investing in technology is the bomb!!!

3 Cool Exercises to try in 2018

Thank to Steve Knox

1. The 5/5/5

Clarity precedes mastery. So much of our daily performance is driven by the tyranny of the urgent.  And, because time is a limited commodity, we can't afford to waste it. 

Most of us don't have time for long goal-setting sessions. Give yourself 15 minutes to do a little brainstorming. 

Take 5 minutes and write down your personal outcomes for today. Take 5 minutes and write down your professional outcomes for today. Then take 5 minutes and highlight the top 3 things from both lists. Congratulations, you now have a game-plan for where you should invest your time today. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve with a bit of focus and the power of clarity. 

2. Gratitude List

First, think about the good in your life today. It's just a short mental list of what you have to be grateful for in your life. Write down what you're thankful for personally and professionally. Then, read the list silently 5 times and aloud 5 times. Make this a regular daily practice and within a week you'll start noticing you feel a lot lighter and more peaceful. Words have power. Gratitude frees you from the grip of self. 

3. Feedforward 

Take a trusted friend or colleague out to coffee or lunch this week and ask them 4 simple questions:
  • What's something I'm great at?
  • What's something I need to improve?
  • How do you recommend I do it?
  • How can I serve you?
Thank them and think about what they shared with you. Put it into practice within the next 48 hours. Critique can be painful, but you will never grow unless you're faced with an outside perspective.

It’s the journey not the destination


As you set out for Ithaka

hope the voyage is a long one,

full of adventure, full of discovery.

Laistrygonians and Cyclops,

angry Poseidon—don’t be afraid of them:

you’ll never find things like that on your way

as long as you keep your thoughts raised high,

as long as a rare excitement

stirs your spirit and your body.

Laistrygonians and Cyclops,

wild Poseidon—you won’t encounter them

unless you bring them along inside your soul,

unless your soul sets them up in front of you.


Hope the voyage is a long one.

May there be many a summer morning when,

with what pleasure, what joy,

you come into harbors seen for the first time;

may you stop at Phoenician trading stations

to buy fine things,

mother of pearl and coral, amber and ebony,

sensual perfume of every kind—

as many sensual perfumes as you can;

and may you visit many Egyptian cities

to gather stores of knowledge from their scholars.


Keep Ithaka always in your mind.

Arriving there is what you are destined for.

But do not hurry the journey at all.

Better if it lasts for years,

so you are old by the time you reach the island,

wealthy with all you have gained on the way,

not expecting Ithaka to make you rich.


Ithaka gave you the marvelous journey.

Without her you would not have set out.

She has nothing left to give you now.


And if you find her poor, Ithaka won’t have fooled you.

Wise as you will have become, so full of experience,

you will have understood by then what these Ithakas mean.

(C.P. Cavafy, Collected Poems. Translated by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard. Edited by George Savidis. Revised Edition. Princeton University Press, 1992)

Original Greek poem

Translated by John Cavafy 

6 things you should never do on the job:

The Bob Pritchard Column 

There's more than enough advice out there about what you should do when you land a job and want to jumpstart a successful career: Show up on time, do what you say you'll do, and be curious among them
But what is on the list of things you definitely should not do?  Kate Kastenbaum, seasoned HR Director  defined six things you should never do on the job:
1. Never hold a grudge
If someone wronged you and you hold a grudge towards them, you tend to avoid them making you less productive.  Deal with your issue face to face. Put personal feelings aside and focus on the work: You have to be willing to work with everyone. People want to work with a team player. Avoiding the problem shows a lack of maturity and difficulty handling challenging situations.
2. Don't avoid your boss
If you're more inclined to be open and honest with your peers, that's a mistake.  Open and honest communication with your manager is vital. If you have an issue and don't bring it up right away, you're not using your manager for what they're there for, which is to help you navigate problems and guide you to the answer."
3. Don't ask your coworkers for drugs
Don't let feelings of closeness blur the professional boundaries that must always be present when working with managers, coworkers, and clients.  Don't get drunk, abuse drugs, or abuse the situation you're in because the truth will come out and your career and work relationships will pay the price."
4. Never say "You're wrong!"
There's never an appropriate time to flat out tell a manager, coworker, or customer they are wrong.   As you work through the solution you can clarify or help them realize where the error is, but if you start the conversation off with an accusation you won't get very far in the discussion."
5. Never make a habit of being arrogant or disrespectful
While even the most well-intentioned among us can have a bad day and be too short or too egotistical with a coworker or boss, it's in your best interest not to do it.  No matter how prestigious your background or important your project, you'll build much better relationships if you show respect and humility in your interactions with others. Frankly, if you can't get along with the janitor, then you won't get along with the CEO either."
6. Don't leave your personal career development to your boss
If you don't initiate the conversations about what you want to learn or where you want to go in your career, they may never happen.  Sometimes what not to do is just as important as what to do. Don’t make any of these mistakes in your own career.
Simple, but very wise.

Classic sayings by Agatha Christie’s Hercules Poirot

“What's wrong with my proposition?" Poirot rose. "If you will forgive me for being personal-I do not like your face, M. Ratchett.”

What’s your favourite line?