What dyou wanna be whe u grow up

- thoughts on Labor Day - by Joseph Dominic Nicassio- guru mentor! 

A job  make you feel good ,  happy with yourself , fulfilled - adding value - 
Making you feel unfulfilled 

- What is it you want in terms of a career in terms of using your talent ?
- We all have genius inside of us - talent from God - we've gotta be good at it ?

What are you passionate about? If not - you gonna hate it - you will burn out after awhile 

- Love what youdo
- Be good at what you do
- Make a difference in the world 
- Serving a higher cause  or purpose - key to understand what you want to be when you grow up

What is your customers pain?

- You go talent 
- You got skills
- You got abilities 

How can you solve those problems ?

How can you connect the dots to earn a living and do it in a way that you enjoy - no love what you do , what you are passionate about?

What's your calling?
What's your music inside of you?
What can you share with the world ?
What are you passionate about ? What rings your bells? What drives you? Ehat energised you ? What enthuses you?

Why u wanna be when u grow up? 

Children are born as geniuses and then are conditioned to mediocrity!

What difference are you making to the world or to the person/ organisation  you are serving 
What's Your ripple effect ? How are you contributing to their generational legacy?

In pursuit of excellence 

- Excellence is never an accident - It's achieved through an unrelenting and insistence of highest standards of performance - it demands commitment , persistance , practice and teamwork 
- Excellence requires Passion and Commitment in pursuit of achieving perfection and beating your pb (personal best)
- Excellence is contagious it infects and affects everyone 
- It Charts a direction from the leaders - excellence needs to be continually nourished and consistently reviewed and renewed 
- Excellence is a never ending process of learning and growing and requires commitment and tenaciousness from the leaders and entire team within the organisation 
- Excellence requires a spirit of motivation and boundless energy 
- Excellence inspires, motivates, energises, electrifies and enthuses - excellence brings on more excellence - it feeds on itself - 
- Excellence requires a spirit of motivation and boundless energy 
- Excellence unleashes an impact that permeates every nook and cranny of an organisation 
- It's an answer to apathy and inertia
- Excellence is a stimulating and pulsating force 
- Excellence will create a fiercely driving philosophy of motivation and performance 
- Excellence is a state of mind that once put into action - is a roadmap to success and growth

To Instill excellence in an organisation is difficult - to sustain it - even more so. 

What are you doing to Instill excellence in the things that you do?