Positive Cash flow is king and queen

(Inspired by Ryan HOLMES - ceo of hour suite) 

Cash-flow management is crucial to the survival of any venture, whether it’s your household or a multinational corporation. 
More money must come in than come out otherwise your business will crumble like  a house of cards.

CEO Jeff Bezos, has long held the belief that positive cash flow is crucial to executing his customer-centric vision. In a letter addressed to shareholders in 2004, Bezos explicitly stated: “Our ultimate financial measure, and the one we most want to drive over the long-term, is free cash flow per share.”

He ensured that Amazon had enough financial freedom to focus on improving the overall online retail experience for its customers. He played the long game brilliantly, rather than backing himself into a corner by bleeding cash. As a result, he didn’t have to deal with knee-jerk reactions (like simply raising prices) from jumpy shareholders or onerous terms from investors. He could concentrate on building the best service for his users. 

"Being cash-positive gives your company freedom. Instead of turning to investors for a lifeline—and being beholden to their expectations—you can build a product you're proud of and that customers really love."

As my mentor Allen Pathmarajah says, turnover is vanity, profit is sanity and cash flow is king and queen!!