Right time right action

Musings after listening to a session by Dan Martel

Knowledge is abundant 
Information is available and free

Content is important - but it's also about the contact and the context 

2 people have same information - and have same process and product - 2 people act on this - but at different times - one person wins and one person loses - why!!!!

It's not about the people in your life - its the right people 

It's not about the timing of doing something - it's about the right timing! 

It's not about the processes and systems - it's about the right timing and systems 

You need to follow a process and the timing that will enable you to succeed and thrive and achieve your goal....

Example - 2 people have the Recipe and ingredients to make a brilliant chocolate Bobba jean sponge cake
- One is brilliant
- One is a pile of shit


Timing is key
Process is key
Practice is key

If you are in a business and you have the same product 

One will succeed - and one will go broke .... Why? 

What is the X factor that will make you succeed ? 

A great Product enables you to get a seat at the table - to win you need a whole heap off stuff!!

1. knowledge to know how! - that's available in abundance 
2. The 4 pillars ..... Marketing , sales, systems, delivery
3. Great support from people you know like and trust and who know like and trust you 

Systems and processes are key to scale -automation - creates leverage . Once you know how repeat and repeat and repeat

Don't be scared to use processes and learn  from people who've done it before !!! Find a great mentor

People have said you're only as successful as the 10 most important people around you - it's not even how successful or clever they are - it's about how they can interact with each other and work as a team

They need to be aligned - have a common purpose , common values and a common goal.

You can be a part of many groups - there are no rules. 

You can have 
your family
Your work mates
Your sports team
Your synagogue / church/ mosque / temple 
Your BBG group
Your Bni group 

How each member interacts / and how committed each are to each other or theircommon purpose - will be a major factor in them achieving their common goals.

A key success factor is to have a leader/coach/mentor/captain to guide the group

So what is BBG? 

A group of 30 entrepreneurs / innovators that meet once a month for 3 hours with the soul purpose of getting to know like and trust each other - to become more referrable and develop a behaviour of regular making referrals to people you know like and trust.

BBG uses a cool tool called Referron - which  enables you to track and measure those referrals you receive and give

Join a group - go to www.bbg.business

Key points:- 

1. content is in abundance  - learn - watch - understand 

2. Context of who you are and where you are in the process is key to develope the best product - follow the recipe!!

3. People will deal with people they know like and trust (klt)

4. To create klt online - add massive value . Share content -be authentic 

5. There is a tipping point - where things start to flow - so if you believe in something - persevere - it will come!!!