Musings from Rome

Inspired by Tom Corleys book - Rich Habits -- The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals,

1. Understand what wealth is to you - define your "why" 

2. Once you understand your why - understand your "what" - understand what success is to you - create SMART goals - long term , medium term , short term 
Specific , measurable , achievable, realistical and time frame

3. have many good daily habits and limit your  bad ones!

- I watch too much TV -   I limit myself to one hour of TV per day. 

- I don’t remember names - I write down names and remember them. 

- I get angry quickly - remember to breathe and count to 10 (sometimes 20 ) before responding

- I tend to criticise - always think of something nice to say - before starting to criticise 

4. Commit to self improvement - continual learning 

5. Be open to opportunities - don't be too rigid and keep an open mind

6. Stay focussed (contradicts keep and open mind)

7. Take care of your health 

Eat right and exercise regularly - make it part of your daily routine 

 8. Create and strengthen existing relationships with people you know like and trust - make referrals and focus on helping others - law of reciprocation - the universe will reward you

 9. Take action - do it now - Maurice Goldberg has a great quadrant of knowledge and action - from bottom left 

- gambler - big action , little knowledge 

- cynic - no action no knowledge 

- dreamer - no action big knowledge 

- star - taking action with knowledge 

10. Stay positive - change your mindset from a negative to a positive - this can be learned and needs to be practiced until it becomes a habit. If there is a setback in your journey to success - treat it as a learning experience .

11. Earn more than you spend - or if you are investing - know that you are investing - or if you are spending more - understand that it is for a limited period 

12. Have a team of advisors, mentors and coaches - people at the top of their game have many coaches , mentors and teachers 

13. Listen - as Alan Pathmarajah (my mentor) says - listen and silent have the same letters 

14. Go beyond - do more than what is required 

15. Take responsibility - don't blame anything on anyone or anything - life will throw you curveballs - deal with it!

16. Be passionate about what you do - love it , practice it , nurture it, become the best at it

17 . Be persistent - if you know it's right - don't give up - 

18. practice it until you perfect it - and then make it a habit! Strengthen your memory bank.

(Btw - saw a great movie in the plane - inside out - check out the memory bank) 

19. Don't be afraid to fail ! Push the boundaries , innovate and explore .

20. Focus, think and Enjoy

21. Reward yourself and your team regularly 

22. Give your team "food and circus " 

What are some of your gems?