9 ways to connect and make a difference

We are about educating and inspiring through developing relationships and connecting! 

Inspirational Ted Talk from the legendary 
Rita Pierson - a teacher for 40 years, who once heard a colleague say, "They don't pay me to like the kids." Her response: "Kids don't learn from people they don’t like.’” 

You need to  believe in your students and actually connect with them on a real, human, personal level.

People buy from people who they like and connect with 

Every one of you have been influenced and taught a great lesson from a teacher that they have connected with - 

People learn from people who they like.

9 gems from the talk

1. Make people feel good about themselves - "we were brought together because you are the best students and I am the best teacher" - student says "really"

2 right answers out of 29 questions is better than 18 wrong answers. Put a smiley - not a frown!

3. Steve covey - seek first to understand before being understood - find out their why!!!

4. Apologise - say sorry if you do something wrong. -being humble goes a long way .

5. Engage them - Great way to keynect - if you are talking to a group of students - ask them to sms you what they want to be when they are older!

If you are talking to a business - ask them to sms you what they are - or what they want to be - A strap line that embodies what they want to become 

6. Talk to them - don't talk at them

7. Teachers need to be great actors - even if you don't like Someone  - they must never know - you still have to teach him , influence him and inspire him - you have that as an obligation - and to teach him well - you have to develope a rapport and connect - work out a way. 

8. Find a way that the teaching will bring joy and inspiration - everybody deserves to be a champion - and everybody deserves to feel loved and cared for 

9. Be present - be there for them!

Influence them to be the best that they can be

The benefits - leaving a legacy - Ritas mother was a great teacher - she went to visit kids at home who needed help, developed relationships , connected - 

She made them feel that they were somebody when they felt that they were nobody.

She made a difference in there lives  - made a difference to the world - by helping her students along the road to success - by forming that relationship and connection with them.

When she died there were so many kids that she developed a relationship with and connected that came to her funeral - that Rita  knew that she would never be forgotten - she left a legacy - she made a difference!!

Educating is a privilige - and we have an obligation to create a keynection - anyone can educate and lead and make a difference 

We can do this - we are teachers, we are leaders and Leadership is about influence - nothing more and nothing less - and to influence - you need to keynect and make a difference.