Stop it!! there is still time on the clock

This is gold!!

Some takeouts

  • Mentality effects reality - reality does not effect mentality
  • Your state determines your being!
  • Enable yourself to get into a good space - when something externally effects you.
  • Control your state
  • If you are feeling sorry for yourself - too fat, thin, ugly sick "Stop it - there's still time on the clock" Make a difference!
  • Relief is the finality of pain - better than pleasure Boom!!! you get time back on the clock
Create a Bucket list -

  • you have a 2nd chance - places to visit things to do people to see, things to do,  live
  • Meet dalai lama,write a book, have a TV show - all transpired - why ???
  • Build and it will happen
  • Eventually you are going to rot - tissues disappear , disintegrate - go back to dust - what happens next - huge debate - but at this stage it doesn't matter !
There's still time on the clock for you
  • After you have written your bucket list - put left hand on it and say thy will be done - this is mine - I have this nailed!
Viral video - Change your state - be silly have a dance party !
  • Blog became viral - sat at 20k and all of a sudden - boom - why??- caught up in a couple of blogs and people started to love it! -
  • What made it viral???