12 things happy people do differently


1. Express Gratitude - appreciate what you have and it will appreciate in value

2 be optimistic - the world is abundant and packed with opportunities

3. Don't compare you to others - there is always someone better and worse off - compare yourself to what you were

4. Be kind and giving - it makes you feel good

5. Develope deep, meaningful relationships

6. Have pre rehearsed strategies for coping

7. Forgive - hatred burns a hole in your stomach - hatred is self destructive 

8. Be focussed in what you do - be at one with the task - there is nothing else competing with your time - you are in the now 

9. Enjoy the joy - savour the wins 

10. Magical thinks happen when you write down your goals - you achieve them 

11. Practice spirituality - there is always something bigger than yourself

12. Take care of your body. It is crucial to being the happiest person you can be !